April 13, 2017 min

The April 13, 2017 meeting of the Honorable Clay County Board was called to order 5:45 p.m. by Sheriff Andy Myers.

The Pledge to the flag was led by Sheriff Andy Myers.

The blessing was led by Brad Harris.

The roll was called: Present Ted Whitehead, Chairman, Shannon French, Brad Harris, Joe Goodman, Jeremy Wildbur, John Weidner, John Bayler, David Johnson, Joe Gilliland, Mary McCollough & Barb McGrew. Absent: Chris Rinehart, Bryan Knapp and Janice Brooks.

Chairman Whitehead acknowledged guests and there were two agenda changes: Snedeker Risk Mgmt update will precede the Claims Report and a Resolution Appropriating Funds for the Highway Department will be added.

Motion by Brad Harris, seconded by Joe Goodman, to approve the amended as it stands. Motion Carried, Voice Action.

Motion by John Weidner, seconded by Mary McCollough to approve the County Board minutes of March 14, 2017. Motion Carried, Voice Action.

Kevin Kern and Ray Diel, Snedeker Risk Mgmt, presented an insurance update. Kern extended an invitation to a County Board Appreciation Dinner to be held in Flora, May 16, 2017. Educational information regarding Health Insurance, Property Casualty/Work Comp will be provided. Several neighboring counties have been invited to this meeting as well.

Motion by Jeremy Wildbur, seconded by Shannon French, to approve the action of the Claims Committee. Motion Carried.

The 911 Report was provided to Board Members in written form.

Motion by Brad Harris, seconded by Joe Goodman, to grant permission to County Clerk Brenda Britton to estimate overlapping values, as necessary, for real estate taxes. Motion Carried.

The Health Department report was provided in written form.

Motion by Jeremy Wildbur, seconded by Barb McGrew to approve the following Memorandum of Agreement for K-9 Officer. Motion Carried.



Motion by Brad Harris, seconded by Joe Goodman, to approve the Agreement with Taser International for Tasers/Supplies, for 5 years. Motion Carried.

Sheriff Myers presented the March Activity report in written form.

Motion by Jeremy Wildbur, seconded by Dave Johnson, to approve the following Resolution Appropriating Funds for the payment of the County Engineer’s Salary. Motion Carried, Voice Action

Motion by Joe Goodman, seconded by Brad Harris, to approve the awarding of bids for furnishing oil & aggregates for the 2017 Motor Fuel Tax Maintenance Program, as presented. Motion Carried, Voice Action. Jeremy Wildbur-Abstain

Motion by Brad Harris, seconded by Mary McCollough, to approve the Bridge Aid Petition 17 (10-1) in Songer Township on Calabash Drive over Pickle Creek. Motion Carried.

County Engineer Darin Koelm presented the Highway Department report in written form.

Motion by Dave Johnson, seconded by Joe Gilliland, to approve the following Medical Staff Credentialing: Initial Appointment:  Adam King, MD Courtesty Radiology   Provisional Appointment: Breana Worman, RN Specified Professional Affiliate   Reappointment:  Jane Janes, APN Specified Professional Affiliate, Jeanne Holdren, APN Specified Professional Affiliate and Amir Cheema, MD Courtesy Internal Medicine-Cardiology. Motion Carried, Voice Action.

Motion by John Bayler, seconded by Jeremy Wildbur, to approve a Bank Resolution to grant access to the Electronic check reader to Kristen Wright. Motion Carried, Voice Action.

Chris Hunt, CCH President, presented the Hospital Report in written form.

Hunt took time to thank the Auxiliary and Endowment Foundation for all they have done for the hospital, patients and staff.

Additionally, Hunt noted that Healthgrades has named the top hospitals to its 2017 Patient Safety Excellence Award class and Clay County Hospital is in the top 10% of facilities.

Chairman Whitehead presented the ROE #12 Report of Official Acts, as filed in the County Clerk’s Office.

Chairman Whitehead notified the board that both Laborers’ groups voted to decertify. Whitehead noted the need for an employee handbook and is asking for volunteers to serve on a committee to spearhead this task.

Motion by Barb McGrew, seconded by Joe Gilliland, to adjourn the meeting. Time: 6:15 p.m. Motion Carried, Voice Action.


Mr. Chairman and Gentlemen of the County Board:

Your Committee on Paid Claims would beg leave to report that they have examined all claims presented to them, and recommend the payment of the following, and that the Clerk be directed to issue orders on the County Treasurer to the Claimants for the several amounts allowed, as follows, to wit:



  1. ADP ADMINISTRATION-PAYROLL FEES                                             373.12
  2. ALLEN STACEY ELECTION-MILEAGE                                                                        32.10
  3. AMEREN PROBATION-UTITILIES                                                                   155.60
  4. AXIS CORONER-TOXICOLOGY                                                                               500.00
  5. AYERS JAMIE SHERIFF-TRAINING/OVERTIME                                                  430.91
  6. BARBEE DARREN JAIL-OVERTIME                                                                                 109.44
  7. BEYERS KATHY COURTS-MISC EXP FOR INDIGENTS                                         9.00
  8. BIBBERO SYSTEM PROBATION-INCIDENTAL EXP                                                    74.01
  9. BOARD MEMBERS BOARD MEMBERS-MEETINGS/MILEAGE                                               2278.87
  10. BRIGHT BARB CORONER-OFFICE EXP                                                                   100.00
  12. BYRD ASHTON SHERIFF-TRAINING/OVERTIME                                                  543.32
  13. CARTRIGHT ADAM SHERIFF-TRAINING/OVERTIME                                                  259.77
  14. CLAY CTY ADVOCATE PRESS ELECTION-PUBLICATIONS                                                            147.24
  15. CLAY CTY HEALTH DEPART. JAIL-MEDICAL SERVICES                                                                                132.44
  16. CLAY CTY HWY TRAFFIC SIGNS, MATERIALS & LABOR                                     19852.29
  18. COMPASS WEB COUNTY CLERK-COMPUTER SERVICES                                    52.50
  19. DBS DISPOSAL PROBATION-INCIDENTAL EXP                                                    40.00
  20. DEPUTIES PHONES JAIL-PHONE                                                                                        440.00
  21. ES&S COUNTY CLERK-MISC &                                                                 14986.11


  1. FCJDC JAIL-HOUSING OF JUVENILES                                                     2711.80
  2. FELDHAKE MARK SHERIFF-TRAINING/OVERTIME                                                  452.10
  3. FLORA PRINTING PROBATION-INCIDENTAL EXP                                                    86.24
  4. FRITSCHLE LOGAN JAIL-TRAINING                                                                                  246.24
  5. GFI CH-DEBT RETIREMENT                                                                   34.96
  6. GROSS WILLIAM COURT SECURITY-BAILIFF                                                             328.90
  7. GROVES TONY JAIL-OVERTIME                                                                                 280.80
  8. HAMILTON DEANNA STATE’S ATTY-PHONE                                                                     50.00
  9. HARGIS SHERIFF-AUTO MAINT                                                                   259.26
  10. HEAVEN’S MIST PROBATION-INCIDENTAL EXP                                                    20.50
  11. HEUERMAN CORY SHERIFF-TRAINING                                                                         215.12
  12. IACO S OF A-TRAINING                                                                             175.00
  13. IL COUNTIES RISK MGMT CTY INSURANCE & GENERAL LIABILITY                                    25772.25
  14. IL OIL & GAS ASSOCIATION S OF A-COMPUTER SERVICES                                                      161.14
  15. IMAGING SOLUTIONS RECORDERS MICRO-LEASE OF EQUIP                                      2593.75
  17. KIEFER REPAIRS TO CH BUILDING                                                            275.00
  18. KOESTER ANDREW STATE’S ATTY-PHONE                                                                     100.00
  19. LEIB CURTIS PROBATION-TRAVEL                                                                      45.58
  20. LEWIS ELAM JAIL-OVERTIME                                                                                 138.71
  21. LOUISVILLE COLLISION SHERIFF-AUTO MAINT                                                                   1137.86
  22. LOUISVILLE POST OFFICE SHERIFF & CLERK-POSTAGES                                                       51.82
  23. LORENZ CH-SUPPLIES                                                                                      5.18
  24. MEAGHER SIGN CH-SUPPLIES                                                                                      15.00
  25. MIDWEST OFFICE PROBATION-INCIDENTAL EXP                                                    251.01
  26. MILLER WES CORONER-TRAVEL                                                                           98.44
  27. MILNER CHAD SHERIFF-OVERTIME                                                                        328.80
  28. MURPHY DARLA ELECTION-EXPENSE                                                                         10.70
  29. MUNICIPAL UTILITIES PROB, JAIL, HWY & CH-UTILITIES                                               1831.83
  30. MYERS ANDY SHERIFF-AUTO MAINT & INCIDENTAL EXP                            539.01


  1. PEERLESS PLASTICS CORONER-SUPPLIES                                                                       348.55
  2. PERRY SMALL ENGINE BUILDING & GROUNDS EQUIP-MAINT                                   127.38
  3. PHILLIPS KAREN STATE’S ATTY-PHONE/POSTAGE                                                                101.20
  4. PHILLIPS RAYMOND SHERIFF-OVERTIME & COURT SECURITY-BAILIFF                                749.15
  5. POWLESS JOEL STATE’S ATTY-PHONE                                                                     100.00
  6. RAY O’HERRON CORONER/JAIL-SUPPLIES                                                             199.39
  7. SCHWARTZ ROBBINS MISC & CONTINGENCIES                                                              350.00
  8. SIMS LORI COURTS-MISC                                                                                   75.00
  9. STEVENSON RICH JAIL-HOUSING OF ADULTS                                                           2744.00
  10. STURM ROBERT JAIL-TRAINING                                                                                  304.92
  11. SUBWAY COUNTY CLERK-MISC                                                                     56.58
  12. THOMSON REUTERS                 STATE’S ATTY-OFFICE BOOKS                                                      279.00
  13. VERIZON JAIL-TELEPHONE                                                                               342.11
  14. VOHNE LICHE SHERIFF-INCIDENTAL EXP                                                             7334.00
  15. WABASH TELEPHONE ADM, JAIL, & HWY-PHONE                                                           2237.20
  16. WAL-MART BOARD MEMBERS & ELECTION-SUPPLIES                              1306.24
  17. WEIDNER KRISTA PROBATION-TRAVEL                                                                      124.39
  18. WELLS FARGO SHERIFF-SUPPLIES                                                                           179.24
  19. WEX PROBATION-TRAVEL                                                                      82.92
  20. WOOD STEVE COURT SECURITY-BAILIFF                                                             138.70
  21. YOUNG PIT STOP SHERIFF-AUTO MAINT                                                                   34.00

            Total                                                    97,581.36







  1. ADP ADMINISTRATION-PAYROLL FEES                                             247.70
  2. ADVOCATE PRESS ASSESSMENT & ELECTION-EXPENSE                                        2310.75
  3. AMEREN JAIL, CH & HWY-UTITLIES                                                              1281.00
  4. CIT COURTHOUSE-DEBT RETIREMENT                                            87.88
  5. CITY OF FLORA ESDA-RENT                                                                                         275.00
  6. DBS DISPOSAL JAIL & SHERIFF-UTILITIES                                                              120.00
  7. EFFINGHAM TELCOM JAIL-PHONE                                                                                        103.00
  9. LEXIS NEXIS STATE’S ATTY-DUES & SUBSCRIPTIONS                                   139.00
  10. LINDA’S CLEANING HWY-CLEANING                                                                                               65.00
  11. RAY O’HERRON JAIL-SUPPLIES                                                                                   52.24
  12. SALT & STRINGS BUTCHERY JAIL-DIET & CARE OF PRISONERS                                               1576.42
  13. YOUNG’S PIT STOP SHERIFF-AUTO MAINT                                                                   48.00

TOTAL                                               6624.77



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