The August 11, 2015 meeting of the Honorable Clay County Board was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Sheriff Andy Myers.

The Pledge to the flag was led by Sheriff Myers.

The blessing was led by Brad Harris.

The roll was called: Present: Ted Whitehead, Chairman, Mike Spitzner, Brad Harris, Joe Goodman, Jeremy Wildbur, John Weidner, Chris Rinehart, John Bayler, Mike Rinehart, Mary McCollough, Sue Pettit.

Absent: Janice Brooks, Dave Johnson and Bryan Knapp.

Chairman Whitehead acknowledged guests and there were no agenda changes.

Motion by Brad Harris, seconded by Mike Spitzner, to approve the agenda as it stands. Motion Carried. Voice Action.

Motion by Mary McCollough, seconded by Brad Harris, to approve the County Board minutes of July 14, 2015.  Motion Carried, Voice Action.

Claims Committee Chairman Sue Pettit briefly reported on the fund status of the Public Safety Account.  Pettit stated that the County has spent $352,066 from Public Safety, while only taking in $331,865 out spending the fund by $20,201.

Motion by Sue Pettit, seconded by John Weidner, to approve the action of the Claims Committee. Motion Carried. 10 YES 1 NO (Mike Rinehart)

Jennifer Brown, 911 Coordinator presented the 911 Report in written form.

Jeff Workman, Clay County Health Department, presented the Board of Health Report in written form.

Additionally, Workman reported that, due to the state budget issues, the Teen Reach Program will be suspended.  Workman also noted that the Hospice program is at record levels.

Sheriff Andy Myers presented the Sheriff’s Activity Report in written form.  Myers also noted that the roofing project on the west side of the courthouse roof has been completed.

Treasurer Jana Tolliver presented her Financial Reports in written form.

Tolliver also reported, she had received an email from the State of Illinois stating that beginning in July the would no longer be reimbursing for the State’s Attorney, Public Defender and Probation.

Tolliver then sought direction from the Executive Finance Committee in reference to the Public Safety Tax Fund.  For the Jail Improvement Project, the Board had originally budgeted $288,000 in County Corp, with additional expenses up to $574,000 coming from Public Safety Funds.  Tolliver needs to reimburse County Corp from the Public Safety account for that additional expense.  To do so will wipe out that account, not taking in to account obligations yet to meet.

The Finance Committee will bring back a recommendation.

Motion by Sue Pettit, seconded by Jeremy Wildbur, to approve Bridge Aid Petition 15(07-1) in the Township of Louisville, Clay County, Illinois. Motion Carried. Voice Action.





TO:         County Board of Clay County, Illinois


I request aid in the construction of Bridge Aid Project No. 15(07-1) in the Township of Louisville, Clay County, Illinois, and in support thereof submit the following:



Name of Structure:                                                         Vandalia Road Culvert


Estimated Project Cost:                                                 $7,400.00


Location of Works:                                          Vandalia Rd, near the West line of the Northeast Quarter

(NE ¼) of Section 19, T4N-R6E of the 3rd PM., Clay

County, IL on TR-183 over Ditch.

Existing Structure:                                            Undersized concrete culverts.

Construction Proposed:                                    Remove existing structure and replace with 60” diameter pipe culverts with aggregate backfill.

Type of Traffic:                                                                  Farm to market.  This is a Motor Fuel Tax

Section (TR-183) and a necessary artery for traffic. It is both a school bus route and U.S. mail route.


The construction of the project shall be by the Clay County Highway Department, and per the resolution of the Clay County Board approved August 11, 2015.


The division of costs are estimated as follows:



            County (50%)             Township (50%)                         Total


Construction                                        $3,700.00                    $3,700.00                                $7,400.00



A portion of the County’s share of the project will be provided by in-house labor and equipment rental costs.

I request you to issue certification of expediency for this project and appropriate the sum of $3,700.00 for its completion from County Bridge Funds available for such purpose.  The township will appropriate the sum of $3,700.00 for use in this project.


Respectfully submitted,



Louisville Township Road Commissioner


Approved by the Clay County Board

This 11th day of August, 2015.


Approved this 11th day of August, 2015


___________________________________                                   __________________________________

Clay County Clerk                                                                                             Clay County Engineer



Motion by Jeremy Wildbur, seconded by Joe Goodman to approve the Bridge Aid Petition 15(08-1) in the Township of Oskaloosa. Motion Carried. Voice Action.







TO:         County Board of Clay County, Illinois


I request aid in the construction of Bridge Aid Project No.15 (08-1) in the Township of Oskaloosa, Clay County, Illinois, and in support thereof submit the following:



Name of Structure:                                                                         Heron Lane Culvert

Estimated Project Cost:                                                 $8,400.00

Location of Works:                                                                          Heron Lane, near the Southeast (SE) Corner of the Southwest Quarter (SW1/4) of Section 3, T4N-R5E of the 3rd PM., and Clay County, IL on TR-151 over Ditch.

Existing Structure:                                                      Deteriorated CMP culvert.

Construction Proposed:                                              Remove existing structure and replace with a 78” Equivalent Arch CMP culvert with aggregate backfill.

Type of Traffic:                                                                                  Farm to market.  This is a Motor Fuel Tax

Section (TR-151) and a necessary artery for traffic.  It is both a school bus route and U.S. Mail route.


The construction of the project shall be by the Clay County Highway Department, and per

The resolution of the Clay County Board approved August 11, 2015


The division of costs are estimated as follows:


County (50%)             Township (50%)                     Total


Construction                          $4,200.00                    $4,200.00                                $8,400.00


A portion of the County’s share of the project will be provided by in-house labor and equipment rental costs.

I request you to issue certification of expediency for this project and appropriate the sum of $4,200.00 for its completion from County Bridge Funds available for such purpose.  The township will also appropriate the sum of $4,200.00 for use in this project.


Respectfully submitted,



Approved by the Clay County Board                                                        Oskaloosa Township Road Commissioner

This 11th day of August, 2015

Approved this 11th day of August, 2015


___________________________________                                   __________________________________

Clay County Clerk                                                                                             Clay County Engineer



County Engineer Mike Quandt presented the Engineer’s Report in written form.

Clay County Hospital President Amanda Basso introduced John Birsch, the new marketing manager at CCH.  Additionally, Basso thanked Engineer Quandt for his advice on drainage issues and other assistance.

CCH President Basso directed the Board’s attention to a proposed property lease for Sav-Mor Pharmacy.  Sav-Mor proposed constructing a pharmacy on the CCH campus at $1.00/yr.  For a term of 99 years.

The lease agreement was prepared by Hospital Attorney Bob Coble, reviewed by State’s Attorney Tungate.

Board Members briefly discussed the pros & cons with Basso fielding concerns.

Motion by John Bayler, seconded by Joe Goodman, to proceed with the lease to Sav-Mor Pharmacy.  Motion Carried. 9 Yes 2 No ( J. Weidner, M.Rinehart)

CCH President Basso then sought approved to clarify Bond Ordinance Language regarding the Capital Facilities Account ( page 24, paragraph C.)  Board Members discussed striking/clarifying language in this section of the Account Bond Ordinance regarding the Capital Facilities Account.   The clarification will give the County Board to vote any time anything is removed from this account, so the board can restrict activity on this account.

Motion by Brad Harris, seconded by John Bayler, to amend the bond language to reflect board approval regarding the Capital Facilities account.  Motion Carried.

Motion by Sue Pettit, seconded by John Bayler, to approve the purchase of a surgery table for $42612.38. Motion Carried.

Motion by Jeremy Wildbur, seconded by Mary McCollough to approve the purchase of computers from GHA for $51,445.23. Motion Carried.

CCH President Amanda Basso presented the Hospital Report in written form.

Basso announced that CCH will be awarded the Illinois Rural Health Association Award of Merit for their outstanding contribution to the rural health movement.


Motion by Brad Harris, seconded by Jeremy Wildbur, to approve the following health professionals.  Motion Carried. Voice Action

Initial Appointment:

Cheryl White, APN                                          Provisional Specified Affiliate

Jessica Prange, MD                                         Provisional Courtesy Cardiology

Parvish Shah, DO                                              Provisional Courtesy Radiology

Prashant Shah, MD                                         Provisional Courtesy Otolaryngology

Teresa Boose, LCSW                                       Provisional Allied Health

Irina Williams, PhD                                           Provisional Allied Health

Sherri Wood, APN                                           Provisional Specified Professional Affiliate


Provisional Appointment:

Edward Harter, MD                                         Courtesy Teleradiology

Aaron Konrad, MD                                          Courtesy Radiology

Marissa Blitstein, MS                                      Courtesy Radiology

David Weglicki, DO                                          Courtesy Teleradiology

Christopher Norbet, MD                               Courtesy Radiology

Patrick Rhoades, MD                                      Courtesy Radiology

Rebecca Baggett, MD                                     Courtesy Radiology

Binh Nguyen, DO                                             Courtesy Cardiology



Mark Stampehl, MD                                       Courtesy Cardiology

Shailesh Nandish, MD                                    Courtesy Cardiology

Augusto Elias, MD                                            Courtesy Radiology

Gerald Riley, MD                                              Courtesy Radiology

John Wall, CRNA                                               Specified Professional Affiliate


Motion by Sue Pettit, seconded by Jeremy Wildbur, to approve the County Hospital Authorization Resolution.  Motion Carried. Voice Action.





I, Brenda Britton, certify that I am the Clerk of the County of Clay under the laws of the State of Illinois, County of Clay, Federal I.D. Number 37-6000605, engaged in business under the trade name of Clay County Hospital, and that the Resolutions on this document are a correct copy of the Resolution adopted at a meeting of the Clay County Board duly and properly called and held on August 11, 2015.  These resolutions appear in the minutes of this meeting and have not been rescinded or modified.




Any person listed below as an Agent, subject to any written limitation, is authorized to exercise the powers granted as indicated below:


Name and Title of Person


  1.   Amanda Basso, President
  2. Mike Hobbs, Chief Financial Officer
  3.   Designated Alternate, Chelsea Musgrave, Director of HR & Marketing

Designated Alternate, Clay County Board Chairman, Ted Whitehead

Designated Alternate, Clay County Board Member, Sue Pettit




(Attach one or more Agents to each power by placing the letter corresponding to their name in the area before each power.  Following each power indicate the number of Agent signatures required to exercise the power.)


Indicate number

of signatures required


 N/A              (1)  Exercise all of the powers listed in this Resolution                           ________

 ABC             (2)  Open any deposit or share account(s) in the name of

the County Hospital                                                                           2       

 ABC             (3)  Endorse checks and orders for the payment of money or                 2____

transfer funds on deposit with this Financial Institution

 ABC             (4)  Sign, execute and deliver promissory notes or other                        2        

evidence of indebtedness after Board approval of


 ABC            (5) Open, close and renew certificates of deposit and investment          2         

accounts upon maturation

 ABC             (6) Sign accounts payable and payroll checks                                   ___2____

 ABC             (7) Implement cash management process that is approved                     2        







This Resolution shall apply to the following banking institutions and accounts:


BANK                             ACCOUNT #            SIGNORS’ NAMES                 TITLES


Flora Bank & Trust                2088673                Amanda Basso                          President

(Operating Account)                                           Mike Hobbs                                   CFO


Flora Bank & Trust                2105052                Amanda Basso                         President

(Payroll Account)                                                 Mike Hobbs                                 CFO


Flora Bank & Trust                2051240                 Jana Tolliver                           Treasurer

(Ambulance Account)                                         Brenda Britton                     County Clerk


Flora Bank & Trust                2082832                 Amanda Basso                         President

(Funded Depreciation)                                          Mike Hobbs                                 CFO


  1. S. Bank                   199701507840           Amanda Basso                         President

(Employee Flex Account)                                     Mike Hobbs                                 CFO


Flora Banking Company                                       Amanda Basso                         President

Mike Hobbs                                 CFO


Flora Bank & Trust                                               Amanda Basso                         President

Mike Hobbs                                 CFO



Edward Jones                                                         Amanda Basso                         President

Mike Hobbs                                 CFO


Marion County                                                      Amanda Basso                         President

Savings Bank                                                         Mike Hobbs                                 CFO





This Resolution supersedes any and all prior Resolution heretofore made.




I further certify that the Clay County Board of the County of Clay, has, at the time of the adoption of this Resolution had, full power and lawful authority to adopt the foregoing resolutions and to confer the powers granted to the persons named who have full power and lawful authority to exercise the same on behalf of Clay County Hospital.


 X     The County of Clay is a unit of local government, and Clay County Hospital is a county hospital.


The Board of the County of Clay resolves that:


  1.   The Financial Institution is designated as a depository for the funds of the County Hospital and to provide other financial accommodations as indicated in this Resolution.


  1. This Resolution shall continue to have effect until express written notice of its rescission or modification has been received and recorded by the Financial Institution.  Any and all prior resolutions adopted by the Board and certified to the Financial Institution as governing the operation of this County Hospital’s account(s), are in full force and effect, until the Financial Institution receives and acknowledges and express written notice of its revocation, modification or replacement.  Any revocation, modification or replacement of a resolution must be accompanied by documentation, satisfactory to the Financial Institution, establishing the authority for the changes.


  1.   The signature of the Clay County Board Chairman and County Clerk on this Resolution is conclusive evidence of their authority to act on behalf of the County Hospital.  Any Agent, so long as they act in a representative capacity as agents of the County Hospital, is authorized to make any and all other contracts, agreements, stipulations and orders which they may deem advisable for the effective exercise of the power indicated on page one, from time to time with the financial institution, subject to any restriction on this Resolution or otherwise agreed to in writing.


  1.   All transactions, if any, with respect to any deposits, withdrawals, rediscounts and borrowings on behalf of the County Hospital with the Financial Institution prior to the adoption of this Resolution are hereby ratified, approved and confirmed.


  1.   The Clay County Board agrees to the terms and conditions of any account agreement, properly opened by an authorized agent of the County Hospital.  The Clay County Board authorizes the Financial Institution, at any time, to charge the Clay County Hospital for all checks, drafts, or other orders, for the payment of money that are drawn on the Financial Institution so long as they contained the required number of signatures for that purpose.


  1.   The Clay County Board acknowledges and agrees that the Financial Institution may furnish, at its discretion, automated access devices to Agents of the County Hospital to facilitate those powers authorized by this Resolution or other resolutions in effect at the time of issuance.  The term “automated access device” includes, but is not limited to, credit cards, automated teller machines (ATM) and debit cards.


  1. The Clay County Board acknowledges and agrees that the Financial Institution may rely on alternative signature and verification codes issued to or obtained from the Agent named on this Resolution.  The term “alternative signature and verification codes” includes, but is not limited to, facsimile signature on file with the Financial Institution, personal identification



numbers (PIN), and digital signatures.  If a facsimile signature specimen has been provided on this Resolution, (or that are filed separately by the Corporation with the Financial Institution from time to time) the Financial Institution is authorized to treat the facsimile signature as the signature of the Agent(s) regardless of by whom or by what means the facsimile signature may have been affixed so long as it resembles the facsimile signature specimen on file.  The Clay


County Board authorizes each Agent to have custody of the Clay County Hospital’s private key used to create a digital signature and to request issuance of a certificate listing the corresponding public key.  The Financial Institution shall have no responsibility or liability for unauthorized use of alternative signature and verification codes unless otherwise agreed in writing.



DATED this _____ day of ____________________, 2015.










     Clay County Clerk




Motion by Joe Goodman, seconded by Sue Pettit to ratify the Chairman’s appointment of Chris Rinehart as Executive Committee Chairman.  Motion Carried. Voice Action.

Chairman Whitehead ask Animal Control Committee Chairman Mike Spitzner to set up a meeting with Village of Xenia officials to discuss on going issues.

Chairman Whitehead noted that ESDA will be sponsoring a fund raising dinner Sunday and ask for community support.  Whitehead also thanked ESDA, Flora Police, Clay County Sheriff’s Department and Highway Department for all they do in the community. Especially during the recent flooding.

Motion by Jeremy Wildbur, seconded by Sue Petitt, to adjourn.  Time:  6:50 p.m.  Motion carried, Voice Action.

Mr. Chairman and Gentlemen of the County Board:

Your Committee on Paid Claims would beg leave to report that they have examined all claims presented to them, and recommend the payment of the following, and that the Clerk be directed to issue orders on the County Treasurer to the Claimants for the several amounts allowed, as follows, to wit:

1              AMEREN CIPS                                    JAIL, HWY, PROB, CH-UTILITIES                                                                  1235.18

2              AYERS, JAMIE                                    JAIL- PHONE, SHERIFF- OVERTIME                                                            407.92

3              BALLARD, CRYSTAL                          COURTS- OPERATION OF JUDGES OFFICE                                             188.98

4              BARBEE, DARREN                             JAIL- OVERTIME                                                                                                 230.13

5              BARBER, STEPHEN                           JAIL- MEDICAL SERVICES                                                                               219.00

6              BRITTON, BRENDA                           CO CLK- MISC, COUNTY BOARD SEC FEED                                              65.00

7              BRUMLEVE INDUSTRIES                                IMPROV TO CO BUILDING                                                             1545.00

8              BUTCHER AUTOMOTIVE                               SHERIFF- AUTO MAINT                                                                     541.35

9              BYRD, ASHTON                                  JAIL –PHONE                                                                                                      40.00

10           CARTRIGHT, ADAM                         SHERIFF OVERTIME, JAIL- PHONE                                                             646.90

11           CELLULARONE                                   ESDA- PHONE                                                                                                    41.19

12           CIT                                                          CH RECORDS- DEBT RETIREMENT                                                              87.88

13           CITY OF FLORA                                  SHERIFF- DRUG TASK FORCE                                                                       10,000.00

14           CLAY COUNTY ADVOCATE PRESS REVIEW OF ASSESS ROLLS- EXPENS                                                        44.50

15           CLAY CO. CONSERVATOIN            CLAY CO SOIL CONSERVATION                                                                   5000.00

16           CLAY COUNTY HEALTH DEP          JAIL- MEDICAL SUPPLIES                                                                               128.22

17           CLAY CO TREASURER – IMRF       MISC & CONT                                                                                                    292.50

18           COMPASS WEB                                 CIR CLK- SUPPLIES, CO CLK & S OF A- COMPUTER SERVICES          1259.36

19           CONCRETE EVOLUTIONS, INC     IMPROV TO CO BUILDINGS                                                                         1410.00

20           CONKLIN, TERA                                 PROBATION- TRAVEL                                                                                     147.16

21           COUNTY BOARD MEMBERS         COUNTY BOARD-EXPENSE                                                                           2338.73

22           COURSON, KENDRA                        JAIL- OVERTIME                                                                                                310.50

23           DORIS BRO. TROPHIES                   CO BOARD PER DIEM & EXPENS                                                                 9.00

24           FANCHER, PHILLIP                           BAILIFFS                                                                                                               1168.00

25           FARMERS MARKET                          REPAIRS TO CO BUILDING                                                                            594.28

26           MARK FELDHAKE                              JAIL- PHONE, SHERIFF- OVERTIME                                                            1406.05

27           FLORA BATTERY & ALTERNATOR SHERIFF- AUTO MAINT                                                                                254.00

28           FLORA READY MIX                           REPAIRS TO CO BUILDING                                                                            574.35

29           FORE, KELLIE                                      RECORDERS- SUPPLIES                                                                                  186.46


31           FCJDC                                                    JAIL- HOUSING JUVENILES                                                                           1166.87

32           FRITSCHLE, LOGAN                          JAIL- OVERTIME                                                                                               1064.88

33           GFI DIGITAL                                        CH RECORD- DEBT RETIRMENT                                                                   30.54

34           GREENWOOD, PAT                          JAIL- PHONE                                                                                                       40.00

35           GREENWOOD, TOM                        COURTHOUSE SECURITY-BAILIFF                                                              584.00

36           GROSS, WILLIAM                             COURTHOUSE- BAILIFF, JAIL- OVERTIME                                              2143.62

37           GROVES, TONY                                 JAIL- OVERTIME                                                                                                  205.20

38           HEAVEN’S MIST WATER                PROB- INCIDENTAL EXPENS, CH- SUPPLIES                                           108.50

39           HEUERMAN, CORY                          JAIL-PHONE, SHERIFF- OT                                                                             1043.48

40           HICKOX, JOHN J                                                ATTORNEY FEES FOR INDIGENTS                                           270.00

41           HOMEFIELD ENERGY                       JAIL, CH, PROB, HWY- UTILITIES                                                              1165.06

42           IL CORONERS AND MEDICAL       CORONER- EDUCATION                                                                                575.00

43           LEIB, CURTIS                                       PROB- TRAVEL                                                                                                   29.44

44           LEWIS, ELAM                                      JAIL- PHONE                                                                                                       40.00

45           LINDA’S CLEANING SERVICE        HWY- UTILITIES                                                                                                 65.00

46           LOUISVILLE LAUNDRY                    SHERIFF- INCIDENTAL EXPENS                                                                    55.94

47           LOUISVILLE POSTMASTER            ST. ATTY, CO CLK- POSTAGE                                                                        18.42

48           MAIL SERVICES                                 TREASURER- S OF A- POSTAGE                                                                   6505.31

49           MILLER, WES                                      CORONER- TRAVEL                                                                                          62.30

50           MILNER, CHAD                                  JAIL-PHONE, SHERIFF- OVERTIME                                                             564.73

51           MILONE, GARY E                              COURTS- INDIGENTS FEES                                                                            142.61

52           MUNICIPLE UTILITIES                     JAIL, CH, HWY, PROB-UTILITIES                                                                  1142.59

53           MURPHY, KARI                                  S OF A- TRAVEL                                                                                                 727.05

54           MYERS, ANDY                                    JAIL- PHONE, SHERIFF- INCIDENTAL EXPENS                                        291.86

55           NASRO                                                 SHERIFF- INCIDENTAL EXPENS                                                                    495.00

56           PHILLIPS, KAREN                              ST ATTY- SUPPLIES                                                                                           13.84

57           RAY PHILLIPS                                      JAIL-PHONE, SHERIFF- OVERTIME, INCIDENTAL EXPENS                 530.50

58           POWLESS, JOEL J.C.                         COURTS- ATTY FEES FOR INDIGENTS                                                       725.00

59           PRYOR, JADE L                                   ST. ATTY- TRANSCRIPT FEES                                                                         105.00

60           QUILL                                                    CO CLK-SUPPLIES                                                                                             549.99

61           RICHLAND CO SHERIFF-                                 JAIL- HOUSING ADULTS                                                                  84.00

62           RICOH                                                   SHERIFF- SUPPLIES                                                                                          125.00

63           RKDIXON                                             CH RECORDS- DEBT RETIREMENT                                                              131.28

64           SECRETARY OF STATE                     CO CLK- MISC                                                                                                    10.00

65           SOUTH CENTRAL FS                         SHERIFF- AUTO MAINT                                                                                 2721.36

66           SPITZNER, STEVEN                           JAIL PHONE                                                                                                        40.00

67           STURM, ROBERT                               JAIL- OVERTIME                                                                                                 202.32

68           THOMPSON, LYNDI                         TREASURER- CLERICAL HIRE                                                                         70.00

69           THOMSON REUTERS                       CO CLK- SUPPLIES, COURTS- DUES, CO BOARD- EXPENS                 1078.02

70           TOLLIVER, JANA                                                TREASURER- MISC                                                                           12.02

71           TUNGATE, MARK                             COURTS- ATTY FEES FOR INDIGENTS                                                       200.00

72           TUNGATE, SHERRI                           COURTS- DUES                                                                                                  370.00

73           VERIZON                                              JAIL- TELEPHONE                                                                                              342.15

74           WALMART                                          JAIL- DIET & CARE, SUPPLIES, MEDICAL SERVICES, PROB- SUPPLIES944.50

75           WEIDNER, KRISTA                            PROB- INCIDENTAL EXPENS                                                                         319.18

76           WEX                                                       PROB- TRAVEL                                                                                                   107.40

77           WOOD, STEVE                                   SHERIFF- TRANSPORTING PRISONERS                                                    58.40

78           WTCI                                                     CH, JAIL, HWY-PHONES                                                                                 1733.89

79           ZIMDARS A/C                                    PUBLIC GROUNDS- PURCHASE OF EQUIP                                              820.08






  1. AOHD- EAHC STRUCTURES JAIL- MAINT TO EQUIPMENT                                                 350.00
  2. BYERS PRINTING COMPANY CIR CLK- SUPPLIES                                                                   1530.00
  3. CIT CH RECORDS- DEBT RETIREMENT                                                                                         87.88
  5. COMMUNICATION REVOLVING FUND JAIL- PHONE                                                                498.55
  6. COMPASS WEB STATES ATTY- SUPPLIES & S OF A- COMPUTER SERVIES                          1270.70
  7. DBS DISPOSAL HWY, JAIL, COURTHOUSE- UTITLITIES                                                             120.00
  8. EFFINGHAM TELCOM SOLUTIONS JAIL- PHONE                                                                           467.80
  9. FLORA AUTO PARTS PROB- INCIDENTAL EXPENS                                                                        129.00
  10. HARR’S ACE HARDWARE COURTHOUSE- SUPPLIES                                                                       14.61
  11. INDOFF STATES ATTY, S OF A, TREASURER, JAIL, COURTS SUPPLIES                                     2312.67
  12. LOUISVILLE AUTO PARTS SHERIFF- AUTO MAINT                                                                        33.90
  13. MEAGHER SIGN & GRAPHICS SHERIFF- INCIDENTAL EXPENS                                               105.00
  14. MENARDS SHERIFF- INCIDENTAL EXPENS                                                                                      880.33
  15. MIKE’S FOOD MARKET JAIL- DIET AND CARE FOR PRISONERS                                             2543.59
  16. MURPHY CONSTRUCTION SHERIFF- INCIDENTAL EXPENS                                                    600.00
  17. OK AUTOMOTIVE SHERIFF- AUTO MAINT                                                                                       181.30
  18. PERRY’S SMALL ENGINE EQUIP MAINT                                                                                            5.00
  19. SARA HAWKINS COURTS- SUPPLIES                                                                                                   240.00
  20. THE WEB CAFÉ JAIL-SUPPLIES & PURCHASE OF EQUIP                                                             920.30
  21. YOUNG’S PIT STOP SHERIFF- AUTO MAINT                                                                                       30.00


TOTAL UNPAIDS- $12,854.92



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