January 13, 2015 board mins

The January 13, 2015 meeting of the Honorable Clay County Board was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Deputy Steve Spitzner.

The Pledge to the flag was led by Deputy Spitzner.

The blessing was led by Brad Harris.

The roll was called: Present: Mike Spitzner, Brad Harris, Joe Goodman, Jeremy Wildbur, Janice Brooks, John Weidner, Bryan Knapp, Ted Whitehead,  John Bayler, David Johnson,  Mike Rinehart, Sue Pettit, and Mary McCollough.

Absent: Chris Rinehart

Chairman Whitehead acknowledged guests and there was one agenda change.

Motion by Brad Harris, seconded by Mike Spitzner, to approve the agenda as it stands.  Motion carried, voice action.

Motion by John Weidner, seconded by Jeremy Wildbur, to approve the County Board minutes of December 9,      2015.  Motion carried, voice action.

Motion by John Weidner, seconded by Janice Brooks, to approve the action of the Claims Committee.  Motion carried (12 YES 1 NO)

Claims Committee Chairman Pettit noted that the committee will meet January 26 to review employee time sheets and closed session minutes.

Jennifer Brown, 911 Coordinator, presented the 911 Report in written form.

Jeff Workman, Clay County Health Department reported that the Board of Health Report will be mailed out in the near future.

The Sheriff’s Department report was presented in written form.  The board was updated regarding the repairs to be made to the Court House roof. Jail addition, a recent water leak and the school resource officer.

County Treasurer Jana Tolliver presented her report in written form.  Tolliver reported a coding error with Mental Health/ County Corp that will be corrected by the auditors.  Additionally, Tolliver asked for direction on coding line items for Insurance Claim Deductibles.

Motion by Mary McCullough, seconded by Mike Spitzner that the Chairman of the County Board be authorized to execute all documents necessary to enter into an agreement with Hampton Lenzini and Renwick Inc.  Of Springfield, Illinois for the performance of preliminary engineering services for the construction of Rice Bridge over Big Muddy Creek on TR368 (Selenium Road), Section14-09123-00-BR, at a fee of $34,000.00. Motion Carried

Motion by Sue Pettit, seconded by Joe Goodman to go to closed session for the following purpose: (8) Litigation, when an action against, affecting or on behalf of the particular public body has been files and is pending before court or administrative tribunal, or when the public body finds an action is probable or imminent, with the basis for such finding being: (5ILCS 120/2© (11); Time 6:15p.m. Motion Carried Voice Action

Motion by Sue Pettit, seconded by Bryan Knapp to return to open session. Time: 6:30 p.m. Motion Carried. Voice Action

Chairman Whitehead noted the closed session was for information only- no action taken.

County Engineer Mike Quandt presented the Highway Department Report in written form.  Quandt also noted that the Special Highway Tax question will be on the April 7, 2015 Consolidated Election ballot.

Motion by Dave Johnson, seconded by John Bayler, to approve the appointment for the following health professionals:


Initial Appointments:

Mablene Buggs, MD                                       Provisional Active Emergency Medicine

Denis Kuzelj, MD                                              Provisional Active Emergency Medicine

Jonathan White, DO                                       Provisional Active Emergency Medicine



Joelle Curry, MD                                               Courtesy Radiology

Craig Russo, MD                                               Courtesy Radiology

Kevin Coakley, MD                                          Courtesy Radiology

David Ayoub, MD                                             Courtesy Radiology

Brandon Wynn, MD                                        Courtesy Radiology

Kanchan Gupta, MD                                       Courtesy Radiology

Daniel Shekleton, MD                                    Courtesy Radiology

Jeffrey Cullen, MD                                          Courtesy Radiology

Eileen Figuerres, MD                                      Courtesy Radiology

Robert Burke, MD                                           Courtesy Radiology

Raymond Lee, MD                                           Courtesy Radiology

Naveen Chapa, MD                                         Courtesy Radiology

Lucy Christopherson, MD                             Courtesy Radiology

Melissa Mcgettigan, MD                               Courtesy Radiology

Joseph Baima, MD                                           Courtesy Radiology

Galen Lueking, MD                                          Active Family Practice

Colleen Murphy, MD                                      Active Family Practice


Provisional to Full Courtesy:

Malcolm Schulz, MD                                       Courtesy Active

Motion carried, voice action.


Amanda Goostree presented information to the Board regarding the potential breach at Clay County Hospital. Amanda also presented the board with the notification letter that was mailed out to those potentially affected.  The issue is being investigated by law enforcement.

Motion by Sue Pettit, seconded by Brad Harris to ratify the chairman’s appointment of Paul Rose to the Clay County Housing Authority, replacing Bob Dow. Term ends December 10, 2017. Motion Carried. Voice Action

January 2, 2015


Clay County Housing Authority

201 South Locust Street

Flora, Illinois 62839




Pursuant to the provisions of Section3 of the Housing Authority Act of the State of Illinois, approved and in force the 19th day of March ,1934, as amended, and by virtue of my office as chairman of the Clay County Board, I hereby reappoint:


Mr. Paul Rose


Residence Address: 735 Martha Lane


Town:  Flora, Illinois


Official position of the Clay County Housing Authority for the term ending December 10, 2017


I hereby certify that the person named above resides at the place indicated herein, within the County of Clay, that he is a citizen of the United States, and that he does not hold public office, except as indicated above.


IN WITNESS THEREOF, I have hereunto signed my name as Chairperson of the Clay County Board and caused the official corporate seal of this said County of Clay to impressed hereon- this 13th day of January 2015.


_________s/ Ted Whitehead_________________________________________________________________________



ATTEST:_____S/Brenda Britton_______________________________________________________________________

                Brenda Britton- County Clerk

                Appointment not valid unless signed and seal affixed


Chairman Whitehead appointed John Weidner as Crossroads Representative, replacing Mike Rinehart.

Chairman Whitehead appointed John Bayler to the Insurance Committee.

Additionally, Chairman Whitehead appointed Chris Rinehart to the Executed Finance Committee, replacing Janice Brooks.

The ROE #12 Draft Financial Statement was presented.  The report will be available for review in the County Clerk’s Office.

The ROE #12 Quarterly Report of Official Acts was presented in written form.

Chairman Whitehead extended sympathies and read a “Thank You Card” from Kevin Logan following the passing of his mother, June Logan.

Chairman Whitehead reported on the recent Drug Court Graduation he had attended.  The graduate’s will be speaking at next month’s meeting.

The Probation Report was available in written form, as was the CEFS Report.

Motion by Bryan Knapp, seconded by Jeremy Wildbur to adjourn.  Time:  6:40 p.m.  Motion carried, voice action.

Mr. Chairman and Gentlemen of the County Board:

Your Committee on Paid Claims would beg leave to report that they have examined all claims presented to them, and recommend the payment of the following, and that the Clerk be directed to issue orders on the County Treasurer to the Claimants for the several amounts allowed, as follows, to wit:

No.         Names of Claimants                        For What                                                                                   Amount of Claim

1              ACT AUTOMOTIVE                          SHERIFF- AUTO MAINT                                                                 50.00

2              AMEREN CIPS                                    JAIL, HWY, PROB, CH-UTILITIES                                             373.32

3              APEX                                                     SHERIFF- MAINT, JAIL-SALARY OF MATRON                    3220.00

4              JAMIE AYERS                                      SHERIFFOVERTIME, PHONE, INCIDENTAL EXP              531.12

5              BALLARD, CRYSTAL                          CIRCUIT CLK- MISC                                                                        86.55

6              BARBER, STEPHEN D.M.D             JAIL- MEDICAL SERVICES                                                          562.00

7              BEYERS, KATHY                                  PUBLIC DEFENDER- OTHER EXPENS                                    39.00

8              BRANT, MARILYN                             STATES ATTY- TRAINING/SEMINARS                                      742.88

9              BRITTON, BRENDA                           CO BOARD SEC FEES, CO CLK- MISC                                        148.90

10           BROWN, JENNIFER                          ESDA- MISC                                                                                           401.05

11           BRYANT, TRACEE                              PROB- CLERICAL PT-TIME                                                               178.08

12           BUTCHER AUTOMOTIVE                 SHERIFF- AUTO MAINTY                                                                 1181.73

13           BYRD, ASHTON                                  JAIL –PHONE, SHERIFF- OVERTIME                                           401.85

14           CAMBELL FIRE & SAFETY               JAIL- MAINT OF EQUIP                                                                  58.50

15           CARTRIGHT, ADAM                         SHERIFF- INCIDENTAL EXPENS                                                    30.00

16           CELLULAR ONE                                  ESDA- PHONE                                                                                     41.19

17           CHIEF JUDGES OFFICE                    COUNTY SHARE- CHIEF JUDGES OFFICE                               246.13

18           CIT                                                          COURTHOUSE- DEBT RETIREMENT                                           87.88

19           CITY OF FLORA                                  ESDA- RENT                                                                                       550.00

20           CLAY COUNTY CONSERVATION  CLAY CO SOIL CONSERVATION                                                5000.00

21           CLAY COUNTY HEALTH DEPT        JAIL- MEDICAL SERVICES                                                         68.00

22           CLAY COUNTY REPUBLICAN         CORONER- SUPPLIES/SERVICES                                              35.00

23           COLCLASURE, DERRICK                  JAIL- OVERTIME                                                                             27.80

24           COMMUNICATION RESOVING   JAIL- TELEPHONE                                                                           498.55

25           TERA CONKLIN                                  PROB-TRAVEL                                                                                    111.25

26           COUNTY BOARD MEMBERS         COUNTY BOARD-EXPENSE                                                        1466.57

27           CRAWFORD COUNTY SHERIFF    JAIL- HOUSING OF ADULTS                                                    1180.00

28           DAN’S GLASS INC                             JAIL- IMPROVMENTS                                                                  3500.00

29           DAUGHERTY, KAREN                      SHERIFF- INCIDENTAL EXPENS                                                379.54

30           DAWKINS AUTO SALES                  SHERIFF- AUTO MAINT                                                                313.59

31           DELUXE                                                TREASURER- SUPPLIES                                                               746.65

32           DEVNET                                                S OF A- COMPUTER TAX SERVICE                                         35573.75


34           DUSTY’S TIRE                                     SHERIFF- AUTO MAINT                                                               671.83

35           ELECTION SYSTEMS & SOFTWARE ELECTION- PRINTING & SUPPLIES                                   570.45

36           ELLIOTT, CHRISTOPHER                  PUBLIC DEFENDER- OTHER EXPENS                                11.97

37           FANCHER, PHILLIP                           COURT SECURITY-BAILIFF                                                      1868.80

38           FAST STOP FLEET                              PROB- TRAVEL                                                                               99.06

39           MARK FELDHAKE                              SHERIFF-OVERTIME, TRAINING JAIL-PHONE             2129.85

40           FRANK & BRIGHT FUN HOME     CORONER- OFFICE EQUIP EXPENS                                      100.00

41           GFI DIGITAL                                        CH RECORD- DEBT RETIRMENT                                             29.57

42           TOM GREENWOOD                         COURTHOUSE SECURITY-BAILIFF                                           584.00

43           GROSS, WILLIAM                             COURTHOUSE- BAILIFF                                                              1794.41

44           GROVES, TONY                                 JAIL- OVERTIME                                                                              403.92

45           HEUERMAN, CORY                          SHERIFF-OVERTIME-JAIL-PHONE                                        268.06

46           HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS                   JAIL-TRAINING                                                                           1604.25

47           HOMEFIELD ENERGY                       JAIL, CH, PROB- UTILITIES                                                       699.89

48           IL ASSOC OF CIRCUIT CLERK         COURT- DUES                                                                               205.00

49           INDOFF                                                CIRCUIT CLK, TREASURER, S OF A- SUPPLIES                  491.73

                                                                                PROB- INCIDENTAL EXPENS

50           INTAB                                                   ELECTION- SUPPLIES                                                                 144.28

51           JAMES M. JACOBI                            CORONER- AUTOPSY                                                                1810.00

52           LEIB, CURTIS                                       PROB- TRAVEL                                                                             27.02

53           LEONARD, AARON                           CIRCUIT CLK- ATTY FEE FOR INDIGENTS                        400.00

54           LEWIS, ELAM                                      SHERIFF- OVERTIME, TRAINING JAIL- PHONE           984.06

55           LEXIS NEXIS                                        COURT- LEXIS ACCESS FEES                                                514.00

56           LINDA’S CLEANING SERVICE        HWY- UTILITIES                                                                        65.00

57           LORENZ SUPPLY                              COURTHOUSE-SUPPLIES                                                       543.65

58           LOUISVILLE POSTMASTER            CO CLK, ELECTIONS- POSTAGE                                          708.00

59           MANATRON                                       S OF A-COMPUTER TAX SERVICES                                      1500.00

60           MILNER, CHAD                                  JAIL-PHONE, SHERIFF-TRAINING                                  342.88

61           MUNICIPLE UTILITIES                     JAIL, CH, HWY, PROB-UTILITIES                                    2153.34

62           MURBARGER, DALE                                                                                                                                8112.50

63           DARLA MURPHY                               CLERK- MISC                                                                              8.90


65           PACHESA, MICHELLE                       PUBLIC DEFENDER- OTHER EXPENS                            45.50

66           PAISLEY, KARIN                                 OPERATION OF JUDGES OFFICE                                       96.00

67           PEARCE, MELANIE                           STATES ATTY- SUPPLIES                                                       37.88

68           RAY PHILLIPS                                      JAIL-PHONE, SHERIFF- OVERTIME                            289.69

69           POWLESS, JOEL                                 COURTS- ATTY FEES FOR INDIGENTS                       1006.25

70           QUILL                                                    CLERK- SUPPLIES                                                               9.73

71           RICHLAND CO SHERIFF                   JAIL- HOUSING OF ADULTS                                       2296.00

72           RICOH                                                   SHERIFF- SUPPLIES                                                    125.00

73           RK DIXON                                            CH RECORDS-DEBT RETIREME                              117.21

74           ROSS INFORMATICS SERVICES   S OF A- CUMPUTER TAX SERVICES                        559.40

75           SACHAU, VICKIE                                               PROB- INCIDENTAL EXPENS                       34.15

76           SAV MOR PHARMACY                    JAIL- MEDICAL SERVICES                                           162.13

77           SECURE PROCESSORS LLC             COURTHOUSE & SHERIFF- SUPPLIES                 420.00

78           SIMS, LORI                                          COURTS- MISC EXPEN FOR INDIGENTS               27.00

79           SOUTH CENTRAL FS                         SHERIFF- AUTO MAINT                                          1134.92

80           SPITZNER, STEVEN                           JAIL PHONE                                                                   40.00

81           STANFIELD, DORIS                           SHERIFF- INCIDENTAL EXPENS                           150.00

82           STATES ATTY APPELLATE               PROCECUTERS APPELLLATE SERVICES          5000.00

83           ST. CLAIR CO CORRECTIONAL ACADEMY- JAIL- TRAINING                                         951.00

84           STURM, ROBERT                               JAIL- OVERTIME                                                          791.00

85           THE WEB CAFÉ                                   JAIL- MAINT OF EQUIP                                               19.95

86           THOMPSON, LYNDI                         TREASURER- CLERICAL HIRE OVERTIME          195.00

87           THOMPSON, MARIA G LUPITA   ATTY FEE FOR INDIGENTS                                           825.00

88           U S POSTAL SERVICE                       S OF A-POSTAGE/PRINTING, PUBLIC DEF          294.00

89           VERIZON                                              JAIL- TELEPHONE                                                       9.18

90           WALKER, ARILLA                               SHERIFF- INCIDENTAL EXPENS                       150.00

91           WALMART      PROB-INC EXP, JAIL-DIET & CARE OF PRISONERS, MEDICAL          984.83

                                                                             SUPPLIES, AND SUPPLIES


93           WOODS, STEPHAN                          JAIL- OVERTIME                                                              151.56

94           WRIGHT AUTOMOTIVE, INC        SHERIFF- PURCHASE –LEASE OF AUTO           28875.00

95           WTCI                                                     CH, JAIL, HWY-PHONES                                            1731.56

96           YOUNG’S PIT STOP                          SHERIFF- AUTO MAINT                                              30.00

97           ZIMDARS A/C & APPLIANCES      REPAIRS TO CTY BUILDING                                      271.42

98           ZINKS BUILDING CENTER              CH- SUPPLIES                                                              10.58

TOTAL PAID CLAIMS $ 134,097.04


1.            BURKLAND FLOWER SHOP                           COUNTY BOARD MEMVBER- PER DIEM & EXP                     55.00

2.           CLAY COUNTY HEALTH DEPT                         MISC & CONTINGENCIES                                                              70.00

3.            CLAY COUNTY HOSPITAL                               PROB- INCIDENTAL EXPENS                                                         12.24

4.            DAWKINS AUTO SALES                                  SHERIFF- AUTO MAINT                                                                  257.77

5.            DBS DISPOSAL                                                  JAIL & HWY- UTILITIES                                                                   120.00

6              DEVNET                                                                PUBLIC GROUNDS- EQUIP MAINT                                            715.00

7.            EFFNGHAM TELCOM SOLUTIONS              JAIL-PHONE                                                                                        103.00

8.            ELECTION SOURCE                                           ELECTION- SUPPLIES                                                                       224.41

9              FLORA PRINTING COMPANY                       PROB- INCIDENTAL EXPENS                                                         159.06

10           FSG SOFTWARE INC                                        JAIL-MAINT TO EQUIP                                                                   5500.00

11.           HEAVEN’S MIST BOTTLED WATER            CH- SUPPLIES                                                                                     44.50

12           INDOFF                                                                ST ATTY, JAIL, TREASURER, CO CLK- SUPPLIES                      552.44

13           LORENZ SUPPLY CO                                         COURTHOUSE- SUPPLIES                                                              105.71

14.          MEAGHER SIGN & GRPHICS                        SHERIFF- INCIDENTAL EXPENS                                                    100.00

15.         MIKE’S FOOD MARKET                                   JAIL-DIET AND CARE OF PRISONERS                                         3928.16

16           MILLER OFFICE EQUIPMENT                        PROB- INCIDENTAL EXPEN, ST ATTY- SUPPLIES                   204.06

17.          RAY O’HERRON                                                 SHERIFF- INCIDENTAL EXPENS                                                    69.27

18           SALEM TIRE CENTER                                        SHERIFF- AUTO MAINT                                                                  428.64

19           SHIRT TALES                                                       SHERIFF- UNIFORMS                                                                      86.00

20           UNITED COUNTIES COUNCIL OF IL            UCC DUES                                                                                           150.00

19.          WIN                                                                       MISC & CONTINGENCIES                                                              87.00

22.          ZINK BUILDING CENTER                                JAIL- SUPPLIES                                                                                  6.87

TOTAL: $12479.13

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