The May 12, 2015 meeting of the Honorable Clay County Board was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Sheriff Andy Myers.

The Pledge to the flag was led by Sheriff Myers.

The blessing was led by Chairman Brad Harris.

The roll was called: Present: Ted Whitehead, Chairman, Mike Spitzner, Brad Harris, Joe Goodman, Janice Brooks, Jeremy Wildbur, John Weidner, Chris Rinehart, John Bayler, David Johnson, Mike Rinehart, Mary McCollough, Sue Pettit.

Absent: Bryan Knapp

Chairman Whitehead acknowledged guests and there was one agenda notation that Chief Probation Officer Curtis Leib will not be present.

Motion by Brad Harris, seconded by Mary McCollough, to approve the agenda as it stands. Motion Carried. Voice Action.

Motion by Joe Goodman, seconded by Dave Johnson, to approve the County Board minutes of April 16, 2015.  Motion carried, voice action.

Motion by Sue Pettit, seconded by Janice Brooks, to approve the action of the Claims Committee. Motion Carried. 11 YES 1 ABSTAIN (John Weidner) 1 NO (Mike Rinehart)

Chairman Whitehead presented the 911 Report in written form.

Britt Bailey, CCARS, presented the 2013 and 2014 Financial Analysis for Animal Control.

Additionally, Bailey reported that the contract with the County and CCARS for animal control is due for renewal.

Bailey is hoping for some language in the contract to be changed.  She will forward the proposed contract with the changes marked to the State’s Attorney.  Some discussion ensued regarding CCARS working in other counties; but they are actually an independent contractor, not a county entity.  Bailey also reported plans are in the works for a 6500 sq. foot animal control facility, with a surgical suite.

The Probation Department Report was available to the board.

Jeff Workman, Clay County Health Department, presented the Board of Health Bulletin in written form.  Workman also reported that Teen Reach FY 15 funding has been restored.

Sheriff Andy Myers presented the Sheriff’s Department Report in written form.  Additionally, Myers reported that Correction Officer Steve Wood has announced his retirement, effective May 31, 2015.

Treasurer Jana Tolliver presented the Treasurer’s Department Report in written form.  Additionally, Tolliver noted that the FY2014 Receipts and Disbursements Report is available for review in her office and posted on the County Website.

Motion by Brad Harris, seconded by Jeremy Wildbur, to approve Bridge Aid Petition 15(02-1) in Blair Township.  Motion Carried. Voice Action

Motion by Sue Pettit, seconded by Mike Spitzner, that the Chairman of the County Board be authorized to execute the local Agency Agreement (BLR 05310) with the State of Illinois, acting by and through its Department of Transportation and also that the Chairman of the County Board and County Clerk be authorized to execute the Resolution for construction and construction engineering costs for the Bridge on TR-385 (Structure #013-3244) in Stanford Township, Sec. 12-11131-00-BR.  Motion Carried. Voice Action.

Resolution to Authorize Local Agency Agreement for Federal Participation in the Construction of Bridge Section 12-11131-00-BR with the Illinois Department of Transporation


WHEREAS;  Clay County desires to repalce the existing structure on Watercress Lane that crossed Elm Creek as noted on the attached location map; and


WHEREAS;  Federal Highway Funds are available to pay for 80% of the construction costs and and construction engineering cost of said bridge; and


WHEREAS;  Local Funds are available to pay for 20% of the construction cost and construction engineering cost; of said bridge; and


WHEREAS;  the above- mentioned Federal funds are administered by the Illinois Department of Transportation; and


WHEREAS; the attached Local Agrency Agreement for Federal Participation must be executed for Clay County to utilize the above- mentioned Federal funds.


 THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED;  by the Clay County Board to authorize the County Board Chairperson to execute the attached Local Agency Agreement for Federal Participation in the construction and construction engineering cost of Bridge Section 12-11131-00-BR with the Illinois Department of Transportation; and


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED;  that the County Board shall obligate sufficient funds, from the County Bridge Fund in order to cover the Clay County share of the construction and construction engineering costs for this bridge.




Mr. Ted Whitehead

County Board Chairperson

I, Brenda Britton, County Clerk, in and for Clay County, Illinois, and keeper of the records and files thereof, as

provided by statute, do hereby certify the foregoing to be a true, perfect and complete copy of a resolution approved by the County Board of Clay County at its May 12th, 2015 meeting.


IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF;  I have here unto set my hand and affixed the seal of said County at my office this 12th day of May, 2015.


(SEAL)                                                                                                                                   ________________________________

Brenda Britton

County Clerk



County Engineer Mike Quandt presented the Highway Department Report in written form.

Motion by Sue Pettit, seconded by Brad Harris to approve the following health professionals.  Motion Carried. Voice Action

 Initial Appointment:

Heath Laughlin, MD                        Provisional Courtesy Radiology


Amir Cheema, MD                           Courtesy Cardiology

 Provisional to Full Courtesy:

Jeanne Holdren, APN                     Specified Professional Affiliate


Clay County Hospital President Amanda Goostree presented the Hospital Report in written form, noting the recruitment of Dr. Nygum as a Hospitalist and Margo McMahon as Nurse Practioner.  Additionally, Goostree invited board members to a Meet and Greet on June 6th, as well as a Health Fair.

Motion by Dave Johnson, Seconded by John Bayler to award the Network Wiring Bid to Consolidated Communications in the amount of $51471.15.  Motion Carried 8 YES 5 NO

Board Member Mike Rinehart questioned the procedure, according to the management contract agreement between CCH and SSM, for an annual evaluation to be completed by Hospital Committee Members.  Rinehart felt the full board should provide feedback in the annual evaluation.

Board Member John Bayler reiterated that he felt the chain of command of going through committees, should be followed.

Board Member Sue Pettit questioned “what are our responsibilities and what are we supposed to do” – we have a legal contract with SSM to manage the Clay County Hospital.

Chairman Whitehead will pursue and contemplate a possible special meeting.

Assistant States Attorney Melanie Pearce reminded that all board members can go to committee meetings.

CFO Mike Hobbs presented information on the FY 2015 Cash Reconciliation as reported at the April meeting.  Hobbs detailed that auditors dove into unreconciled items, substantiating $203,339.80 of the original amount of $209,721.32

Hobbs noted that the unreconciled items were regarding ACH transactions, stressing there was no misappropriation, just simple bookkeeping errors.

Board Members briefly discussed the remaining $6381.52, most feeling it will cost more to continue researching, noting the SSM Financial Division does not recommend expending more time and effort.

Motion by Sue Pettit, Seconded by Dave Johnson, to not proceed any further in looking for bookkeeping errors on the remaining $6381.52.  Motion Carried.

Board Members thanked Hobbs for doing a good job.

Goostree then addressed the Patient Experience/ Patient Satisfaction Surveys, noting these are confidential/anonymous and handled by Press Ganey.  CCH is also engaging with IL Critical Access Hospital Network to bring in CG-Cahps for Clinic Surveys, also anonymous.

The board then engaged in more discussions regarding the possible refunding of Hospital Bonds.  The Executive Finance Committee were united in paying down $1,000,000 on the hospital bonds, but somewhat divided on the recommendation for refinancing bonds.

Tim King, Kings Financial Consulting, was present to discuss with the board the options available.  King did have an Ordinance prepared that authorized the issuance of the General Obligation Bonds.

Board Members continued to discuss paying down a partial amount on the bonds, keeping funds earmarked for bond payoff, and refinancing options.

Additionally, CFO Hobbs noted that on the current bond there are bond covenant restrictions- that if you don’t refinance and get rid of this language in the new bond issue, you can’t take any of this money out to pay on the current bond issue.

Motion by Mike Rinehart, seconded by John Bayler to adopt an Ordinance authorizing the Issuance of General Obligation Refunding Bonds, Series 2015 (paying $1,000,000 down on bond and refinancing the balance, and protecting the remaining money for bond payments.) Motion Carried.

Motion by Mike Rinehart, seconded by Jeremy Wildbur, to adopt a Resolution regarding parcel # 13-03-328-002.  Motion Carried. Voice Action.




Whereas, the County of Clay, as Trustee for the Taxing Districts, has undertaken a program to collect delinquent taxes and to perfect titles to real property in cases in which the taxes on such real property have not been paid, pursuant to 35 ILCS 200/21-90, and

Whereas, pursuant to this program, the County of Clay, as Trustee for the Taxing Districts, has acquired an interest in the following described real estate:

Xenia Township

Permanent Parcel Number:  13-03-328-002

As described in certificates(s):  060102 sold October 2007

And it appearing to the Finance Committee that it would be to the best interest of the County to dispose of its interest in said property.

Whereas, Ronald D Woods, has bid $648.00 for the County’s interest, such bid having been presented to the Finance Committee at the same time it having been determined by the Finance Committee and the Agent for the County, that the County shall receive from such bid $202.00 as a return for its certificate(s) of purchase.  The County Clerk shall receive $0.00 for cancellation of Certificate(s) and to reimburse the revolving account the charges advanced from this account, the auctioneer shall receive $0.00 for his services and the Recorder of Deeds shall receive $96.00 for recording.  The remainder is the amount due the Agent under is contract for services.  The total paid by purchaser is $648.00.

Therefore, your Finance Committee recommends the adoption of the following resolution:

Be it resolved by the County Board of Clay County, Illinois, that the Chairman of the Board of Clay County, Illinois, be authorized to execute a deed of conveyance of the County’s interest or authorize the cancellation of the appropriate Certificate(s) of Purchase, as the case may be, on the above described real estate for the sum of $202.00 to be paid to the Treasurer of Clay County Illinois, to be disbursed according to law.  This resolution to be effective for sixty (60) days from this date and any transaction between the above parties not occurring within this period shall be null and void.

Adopted by roll call vote this 12th day of May, 2015.



________________________                                                                ___________________________

Clerk                                                                                                                County Board Chairman


SALE TO NEW OWNER                                                                                                                                                                    05-15-001


Motion by Mike Rinehart, seconded by Chris Rinehart, to approve retaining Dennis Weedman, Robbin Schwartz, for legal counsel for Union Contract Negotiations.  Motion Carried. Voice Action.

Executive Finance Committee Chairman Mike Rinehart provided the board with a committee update.  Rinehart noted that he wishes to go to executive session at the next board meeting to discuss offer for employees, raises, healthcare costs, etc.

Additionally, Rinehart brought up the topic of donating to charitable entities such as Teen Reach, Golden Circle, CEFS, etc.

Chairman Whitehead noted that to donate there needs to be a line item for Charitable Donations in the budget.

Motion by Sue Pettit, seconded by Mary McCollough, to approve the Public Defender’s Contract.  Motion Carried. Voice Action.











WHEREAS, the Circuit Judges of the Fourth Judicial Circuit Court have appointed Christopher S. Elliott as Public Defender of Clay County, for the period from July 1, 2015, through June 30,2016; and

WHEREAS, the Chief Judge has administrative authority to establish the terms and conditions under which the Public Defender shall perform his duties of office.

WHEREFORE, IT IS ORDERED, that the terms and conditions under which the Public Defender in Clay County shall perform his duties of office are as follows:



A.)          The Public Defender shall represent those individuals who are designated by the Court to receive the services of the Public Defender’s Office of Clay County pursuant to 55 ILCS 5/3- 4006. The Public Defender shall be available at all times that court is in session in Clay County.  Should a conflict of interest in representation of a defendant arise, the Public Defender’s Office shall petition the court to withdraw from said representation.


B.)          The Public Defender is employed in a full- time capacity and shall not engage in private practice.  The Public Defender shall comply with normal office hours which the courthouse is open and as followed by other county employees.  Its is understood that the Public Defender must investigate cases, perform legal research, visit incarcerated prisoners, and perform other responsibilities of the position that may require work outside the court and , at times, beyond normal office hours.  It is understood that the Public Defender will be available at all times as required by the court in the exercise of duties.




A.)          The term of this Order shall be from July 1, 2015, through June 30, 2016.  It is further provided that this Order shall be subject to termination upon cancellation of the appointment by a majority of the Circuit Judges of the Fourth Judicial Circuit with or without cause.  Upon termination or cancellation, all rights and duties of the Public Defender and of Clay County under this Order shall cease to exist.  The public Defender shall have the right to terminate his or her appointment upon 60 days’ notice to both the Chief Judge and the Chairman of the County Board.


B.)          The Public Defender must apply for reappointment by written notification to the Chief Judge of the Fourth Judicial Circuit and to the Circuit Judges residing in Clay County at least 90 days prior to the termination of this Order.  In the event the Public Defender is reappointed, such renewal shall be for a period of one year.




A.)          For the purpose of compensation, the Public Defender of Clay County shall be considered to be a full-time employee of Clay County at a salary of $116,063.10 per year, payable as determined by Clay County.  This salary represents not less than 90% of the county’s  State’s Attorney’s annual salary and is contingent upon the State of Illinois paying 66 2/3% of this annual Public Defender salary as set forth in 55 ILCS 5/3-4007.  In the event the state does not pay that amount, then the Public Defender will be on a contract basis at the rate of $36,000 per year.  If at any time during the year the funding runs out, the Public Defender will be on part-time basis at a rate of $3000 per month with no health insurance.

B.)          In the event the Public Defender deems it necessary to employ the services of a private investigator, licensed physician, psychologist, psychiatrist, or other expert witness during the course of representation of persons pursuant to the Order, the Public Defender must first apply to the Circuit Court for approval of such employment be written motion in said case with copy to the State and can employ such persons only after judicial approval is obtained.  After such approval is obtained, the Public Defender shall not be liable for payment of such services or expenses related directly thereto, but payment, pursuant to submission of a proper bill, voucher and Order of the Circuit Court, shall be made by Clay County.

C.)          Clerical and office expense incurred shall be in accordance with the budget appropriation approved by the Clay County Board.




A.)          The Order and payment hereunder does not encompass appointments by the Court for representation of defendants remanded to the Illinois Department of Corrections or to a similar correctional institution for the purpose of proceedings of the following nature.


I.             Pursuit of appeals beyond the perfecting of appeal; by preparation and                                                                                                                               filing of Notice of Appeal, Docketing Statement, and related Notices in                                                                                                                            cases where the State Appellate Defender prosecutes the appeal.

ii.             Pursuit of any federal remedy of post- conviction or civil rights nature.






Michael D. McHaney Chief Judge

Fourth Judicial Circuit




S/ Christopher S. Elliott

Christopher S. Elliott, Public Defender


S/ Ted Whitehead

Chairman, Clay County Board


Motion Carried.

Chairman Whitehead read a letter from States Attorney Marilyn Brant announcing her retirement, effective June 30, 2015.




In accordance with the provisions of Chapter 10, Act 5, Section 25-11 of the Illinois Compiled Statutes, the County Board of Clay County, Illinois, a county which is not a home rule unit, hereby declares that a vacancy exists in the office of County State’s Attorney, due to the retirement of Marilyn Brant, effective June 30, 2015.


The County Clerk is hereby directed to give a written notice to the county central committee of each established political party of such vacancy by providing each committee with a copy of this Declaration and Notice of Vacancy in Office.


Notice is hereby further given that such vacancy shall be filled within 60 days by appointment of the Chairman of the County Board with the advice of the County Board, in accordance with the statutory requirements.


Dated this 12th day of May, 2015

Board of Clay County, Illinois


By: S/ Ted Whitehead



Attest: S/ Brenda Britton





Chairman Whitehead thanked Marilyn for her years of service to the county.

Chairman Whitehead distributed a “County Government Law Handbook” to all board members.

Additionally, board members were reminded of the requirement to take FOIA and OMA training on the IL Attorney General’s website.

Ray Diel and Alex Snedeker, Snedeker Risk Management, were in attendance.  Snedeker Rick Management is the agent for the county’s PC/WC and Health Insurance.  Things are going well and they plan on attending an upcoming meeting for a refresher/ synopsis on county coverages.

Motion by Mary McCollough, seconded by Jeremy Wildbur, to adjourn.  Time:  7:50 p.m.  Motion carried, voice action.

Mr. Chairman and Gentlemen of the County Board:

Your Committee on Paid Claims would beg leave to report that they have examined all claims presented to them, and recommend the payment of the following, and that the Clerk be directed to issue orders on the County Treasurer to the Claimants for the several amounts allowed, as follows, to wit:

No.         Names of Claimants                        For What                                                                                   Amount of Claim

1              AIR CONSTRUCTION                       PUBLIC GROUNDS- PURCHASE OF EQUIPMENT                 120.00

2              AIT                                                         CORONER- TOXICOLOGY                                                              180.00

3              ALLEN, STACEY                                  ELECTION- MISC                                                                               29.81

4              AMEREN CIPS                                    JAIL, HWY, PROB, CH-UTILITIES                                                  454.84

5              ANDY’S AUTO BODY- FLORA       SHERIFF- AUTO MAINT                                                                  473.14

6              AYERS, JAMIE                                    JAIL- PHONE, SHERIFF- TRAINING                                             92.56

7              BALLARD, CRYSTAL                          CIRCUIT CLK- MISC                                                                          69.05

8              BIBBERO SYETEMS                           PROBATION- INCIDENTAL EXPENSES                                       72.22

9              BOYD, JERRY                                       COURTS- MISC EXPENS FOR INDIGENTS                                2939.85

10           BRITTON, BRENDA                           CO BOARD SEC FEES, CO CLK- MISC, ELECTION- MISC      527.67

11           BYRD, ASHTON                                  JAIL –PHONE                                                                                      40.00

12           CAMPBELL FIRE & SAFETY             COURTHOUSE & PROBATION- MAINT TO EQUIP                 430.50

13           CARTRIGHT, ADAM                         SHERIFF TRAING, OVERTIME, JAIL- PHONE                           1171.54

14           CASH, HARVEY                                  SHERIFF- INCIDENTAL EXPENSES                                             108.01

15           CELLULAR ONE                                  ESDA- PHONE                                                                                    41.19

16           CHET’S ELECTRIC                               REPAIRS TO CO. BUILDING                                                           7849.80

17           CIT                                                          COURTHOUSE RECORDS DEBT RETIREMENT                         175.76

18           CITY OF FLORA                                  ESDA- RENT                                                                                        275.00

19           CLAY COUNTY ADVOCATE PRESS ELECTION- PUBLICATION                                                           1068.05

20           CLAY COUNTY HEALTH DEP          JAIL- MEDICAL SUPPLIES                                                               187.83


22           COBLE, JIM                                         IMPROVEMENTS TO CO BUILDING                                           2200.00

23           COCHRAN, CECIL                              SHERIFF- INCIDENTAL EXPENS                                                    105.34

24           CONCRETE EVOLUTIONS               JAIL- IMPROVEMENTS TO CO BUILDING                                                9049.00

25           COUNTY BOARD MEMBERS         COUNTY BOARD-EXPENSE                                                           2360.53

26           EASTIN, KINDAL                                                S OF A – TRAVEL                                                                               233.87

27           ELECTION SYSTEM                           ELECTION- COMPUTER SERVICES                                              2875.00

28           FANCHER, PHILLIP                           BAILIFFS                                                                                               817.60

29           MARK FELDHAKE                              JAIL- PHONE                                                                                       639.39

30           FLEET ONE LLC                                   PROBATION- TRAVEL                                                                     157.96

31           FORE, KELLIE                                      ELECTION-MISC                                                                                24.03

32           FRANK & BRIGHT FUN HOME     CORONER- OFFICE EQUIP EXPENS                                            100.00

33           GARNER, KEVIN                                                JAIL- PURCHASE OF EQUIP                                           55.00

34           GFI DIGITAL                                        CH RECORD- DEBT RETIRMENT                                                   17.42

35           GREENWOOD, PAT                          JAIL- OVERTIME, TRAINING                                                         665.15

36           GREENWOOD, TOM                        COURTHOUSE SECURITY-BAILIFF                                              467.20

37           GROSS, WILLIAM                             COURTHOUSE- BAILIFF, JAIL- OVERTIME, TRAINING        2306.12

38           GROVES, TONY                                 JAIL- OVERTIME, TRAINING                                                         743.86

39           HEALTHPORT                                     PUBLIC DEFENDER- OTHER EXPENS                                          26.02

40           HEAVEN’S MIST WATER                PROBATION- INCIDENTAL EXPENS                                           19.50

41           HEUERMAN, CORY                          JAIL-PHONE, SHERIFF- OVERTIME                                             542.32

42           HICKOX, JOHN                                   COURTS- ATTORNEY FEES FOR INDIGENTS                            175.00

43           HOLKY’S PLUMBING                       REAPIRS TO CO BUILDING                                                            409.00

44           HOMEFIELD ENERGY                       JAIL, CH, PROB- UTILITIES                                                             695.56

45           IACO                                                      ELECTION- MISC                                                                               115.00

46           ILLINOIS SHERIFF’S ASSOC           JAIL- TRAINING                                                                                 330.00

47           IL TRAFFIC COURT CONFR            STATES ATTORNEY- TRAINING AND SEMINARS                  240.00

48           JACOBI, JAMES M.D.                      CORONER- AUTOPSY                                                                      3460.00

49           LEE’S PC DEPOT                                 COURTS- OPERATION OF JUDGES OFFICE                             335.00

50           LEIB, CURTIS                                       PROBATION- TRAVEL                                                                     80.85

51           LEONARD, AARON K                       COURTS- ATTORNEY FEES FOR INDIGENTS                            971.50

52           LEWIS, ELAM                                      JAIL- PHONE                                                                                       40.00

53           LEXIS NEXIS                                        ST ATTY- SUPPLIES                                                                           500.00

54           LINDA’S CLEANING SERVICE        HWY- UTILITIES                                                                                 65.00

55           LOUISVILLE COLLISION CENTER  SHERIFF- AUTO MAINT                                                                  820.25

56           LOUISVILLE POSTMASTER            SHERIFF- SUPPLIES                                                                          37.72

57           MICROFLEX                                        PROBATION- INCIDENTAL EXPENS                                           108.05

58           MIKE’S BODY SHOP & USED CARS SHERIFF- AUTO MAINT                                                              1224.50

59           MILLER, WES                                      CORONER- TRAVEL                                                                          92.57

60           MILNER, CHAD                                  JAIL-PHONE                                                                                        40.00

61           MUNICIPLE UTILITIES                     JAIL, CH, HWY, PROB-UTILITIES                                                  2333.14


63           MURPHY CONSTRUCTION            JAIL- PUBLIC GROUNDS IMPROVEMENT                                76102.45

64           MYERS, ANDY                                    JAIL- PHONE                                                                                       40.00

65           OAKLEAF CUSTOM WORKING    CIRCUIT CLK- SUPPLIES                                                  268.00

66           OWEN’S AUTOMOTIVE                 SHERIFF- AUTO MAINT                                                  111.00

67           PEARCE, MELANIE                           STATES ATTORNEY- SUPPLIES                                     127.00

68           RAY PHILLIPS                                      JAIL-PHONE, SHERIFF- OVERTIME                             113.68

69           POWLESS, JOEL                                COURTS- ATTORNEY FEES FOR INDIGENTS            837.50

70           QUILL                                                    ELECTION- SUPPLIES                                                       15.96


72           RICOH                                                   SHERIFF- SUPPLIES                                                          125.00

73           RKDIXON                                             CH RECORDS- DEBT RETIREMENT                              131.28

74           ROSS, CARROLL                                 JAIL- SUPPLIES                                                                  35.22

75           SAV MOR PHARMACY                    JAIL- MEDICAL SERVICES                                               80.92

76           SERVPRO                                             CO INSURANCE- GENERAL LIABILITY                        13318.48

77           SOUTH CENTRAL FS                         SHERIFF- AUTO MAINT                                                  1974.54


79           SPITZNER, STEVEN                           JAIL PHONE                                                                        40.00

80           STRINGER, JERRY                              SHERIFF- INCIDENTAL EXPENS                                    108.01

81           STURM, ROBERT                               JAIL- OVERTIME                                                                   404.64

82           THE WEB CAFÉ INC                          JAIL- MAINT EQUIPMENT                                             327.80

83           THOMPSON, MARIA (LUPITA)    ATTORNEY FEE’S FOR INDIGENTS                              956.25

84           THOMSON REUTERS                       ST ATTY- DUES & SUBSCRIPTIONS                             812.19

85           TOLLIVER, JANA                                                TREASURER- MISC                                         10.12

86           VERIZON                                              JAIL- TELEPHONE                                                              342.17

87           WALMART                                          PROB- INCIDENTAL EXPENS, JAIL- DIET & CARE   1679.49


88           WIN                                                       MISC & CONT                                                                    89.52

89           WOOD, STEPHEN                             JAIL- OVERTIME                                                           208.40

90           WTCI                                                     CH, JAIL, HWY-PHONES                                                 912.64




1              BRISCOE’S SURPLUS SALES                          IMPROVEMENTS TO COUNTY JAIL                                            1255.00

2              CLAY COUNTY REPUBLICAN                         OFFICIAL PUBLICATION, SHERIFF- SUPPLIES                        235.60

3              COMMUNICATION REVOLVING FUND   JAIL- PHONE                                                                                       498.55

4              COMPASS WEB                                                 S OF A & ST. ATTY- COMPUTER SERVICES                              1361.87

5              CREATIVE PRODUCT SOURCING, INC      SHERIFF- INCIDENTAL EXPENS                                                    773.08

6              DBS                                                                        UTILITIES                                                                                             120.00

7              HEAVENS MIST WATER                                  CH- SUPPLIES                                                                                     209.00

8              INDOFF                                                                TREASURER, STATES ATTY, S OF A, ELECTION, JAIL             2745.63



9              MCLEAN IMPLEMENTS, INC                        MAINT TO EQUIP- JAIL                                                                  135.93

10           MIKES FOOD MARKET                                    DIET & CARE FOR PISONERS- JAIL                                              2570.85

11           MILLER OFFICE EQUIPMENT                        ST. ATTY– OFFICE EQUIP                                                               197.90

12           QUILL                                                                    ELECTION- PRINTING & SUPPLIES                                             66.59

13           THOMSON REUTERS-WEST                          STATES ATTY- SUPPLIES                                                                 126.00

14           WIN                                                                       MISC &CONTINGENCIES                                                                               89.00

15           YOUNG’S PIT STOP                                          SHERIFF- AUTO MAINT                                                                  30.00

16           ZINK BUILDING CENTER                                JAIL- SUPPLIES                                                                                  39.06

TOTAL UNPAIDS- $ 10,599.06















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