November 14, 2017 Min

The November 14, 2017 meeting of the Honorable Clay County Board was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Sheriff Andy Myers.

The Pledge to the flag was led by Sheriff Myers.

The blessing was led by Brad Harris

The roll was called: Ted Whitehead, Shannon French, Brad Harris, Janice Brooks, John Weidner, Chris Rinehart, John Bayler, David Johnson, Joe Gilliland and Mary McCollough. Absent: Barb McGrew, Jeremy Wildbur, Joe Goodman and Bryan Knapp

Chairman Whitehead acknowledged guests and there was one agenda change: Sheriff line items moved up on agenda to follow Claims Committee Report.

Motion by Brad Harris, seconded by Mary McCollough, to approve the agenda as it stands. Motion Carried, Voice Action.

Motion by Joe Gilliland, seconded by Brad Harris, to approve the County Board Minutes of October 10, 2017. Motion Carried, Voice Action

Motion by Brad Harris, seconded by Shannon French, to approve the action of the Claims Committee. Motion Carried.

Sheriff Myers presented the Sheriff’s Activity Report in written form.

Motion by Chris Rinehart, seconded by Shannon French, to approve the FOP Memorandum of Understanding Section 29.3: Drug & Alcohol Testing Permitted. Motion Carried.

Motion by Joe Gilliland, seconded by Chris Rinehart, to approve the high bid award for a 2010 Honda Rancher ATV for $1550 from Robert Mosbarger. Motion Carried.

Sheriff Myers reported that on November 5, 2017 the Sheriff Department suffered damage to phone/radio equipment due to a lightning strike. An insurance claim has been filed.

Jennifer Brown, 911 Coordinator presented the 911 Report in written form.

Motion by Janice Brooks, seconded by Brad Harris, to go to closed session for:

____ (2) Collective negotiating matters between the public body and its employees or their representatives, or deliberations concerning salary schedules for one or more classes of employees (5 ILCS 120/2 (c) (2); Time: 6:15 p.m. Motion Carried, Voice Action.

Motion by Dave Johnson, seconded by Brad Harris, to return to open session: Time: 7:10 p.m. Motion Carried, Voice Action.

Chairman Whitehead noted the Executive Session was for informational purposes only.

Motion by Brad Harris, seconded by Joe Gilliland, to ratify the Chairman’s appointment of Dr. Brandon Cycholl to the Clay County Board of Health, term expires 6/30/2020 Motion Carried, Voice Action

Motion by John Bayler, seconded by Chris Rinehart, to ratify the Chairman’s appointment of Paul Rose to the Clay County Board of Health, term expires 6/30/2020 Motion Carried, Voice Action

Motion by Mary McCollough, seconded by Shannon French, to ratify the Chairman’s appointment of Larry Rinehart to the Clay County Board of Health, term expires 6/30/2020 Motion Carried, Voice Action

The Health Department Report was provided in written form.  Additionally, Board Member Brad Harris noted the Beyond the Bell program is once again available through the Health Department.

Treasurer Jana Tolliver provided the financial report in written form.

Chairman Whitehead notified the board of an unusual circumstance with a property that recently went through the Clay County Trustee Sealed Bid Auction of Surplus Property. Whitehead noted that with one particular parcel, the property owner had submitted the high bid. Awarding the bid would render a significant amount of delinquent tax uncollectible. Additionally, it was noted that the County has the right to deny any bid. After some discussion, consensus was to notify the property owner he had the opportunity to pay the delinquent back tax within 90 days, then he would be awarded the bid. If not, then the bid would be awarded to the 2nd highest bidder at the high bid amount.

In light of the discussion, a motion was made by Brad Harris, seconded by Joe Gilliland, proposing the property owner has 90 days to pay uncollected delinquent tax before awarding him the bid for the Sealed Bid Sale Property. If not, the bid will go to the 2nd highest bidder at the high bid amount. Motion Carried.

Motion by Dave Johnson, which was seconded by Mary McCollough, that the Chairman of the County Board be authorized to execute the Local Agency Agreement (BLR 05310) with the State of Illinois, acting by and through its Department of Transportation, for the Construction costs for the BobWhite Bridge in Louisville Township on TR 154A over Buck Creek (Section 15-07124-00-BR). Motion Carried.

County Engineer Darin Koelm presented the Highway Department Report in written form.

Motion by Dave Johnson, seconded by Janice Brooks, to approve the following Medical Staff Credentialing:


Stephen Sehy, DPM Courtesy Podiary

Lois Dishman-Cooper Specified Professional Affiliate

Daniel Doolittle, MD Current Medical Staff

Christie Foster, MD Courtesy Emergency

Mustafa Hindi, MD Courtesy Emergency/Hospitalist

Judy Brummer, MD Courtesy Emergency

Othniel Doolittle, MD Courtesy Emergency

Motion Carried, Voice Action.


Motion by Janice Brooks, seconded by Shannon French, to approve Capital Equipment Purchase of a Hematology Analyzer for the Clay County Hospital. Motion Carried.


Motion by Brad Harris, seconded by Mary McCollough, to authorize Jennifer Venable to sign checks and remove David Parks from authorization. Motion Carried, Voice Action


John Bursich presented the Hospital Report in written form.


Chairman Whitehead took a moment to thank the Clay County Hospital Foundation for all their work for the hospital.


Board Member Brad Harris made a suggestion that Employee Satisfaction Surveys be done for Clay County Hospital Employees. Burish noted that employee surveys will be done on an annual basis through ADP, as well as town hall meetings on a quarterly basis and Grand Rounds on a monthly basis with providers.


Chairman Whitehead noted, that the process for HR issues is to go through SSM, as our management group.


Motion by John Bayler, seconded by Dave Johnson, to approve the FY 2018 Budget. Motion Carried.


Motion by Dave Johnson, seconded by John Bayler, to approve the Teamsters Contract Amendment.


Motion Carried.



Chairman Whitehead thanked the Executive Finance Committee for all their work.

Motion by Janice Brooks, seconded by Brad Harris, to adjourn. Time: 7:45 p.m. Motion Carried, Voice Action.


Mr. Chairman and Gentlemen of the County Board:

Your Committee on Paid Claims would beg leave to report that they have examined all claims presented to them, and recommend the payment of the following, and that the Clerk be directed to issue orders on the County Treasurer to the Claimants for the several amounts allowed, as follows, to wit:


  1. ACT TIRE SHERIFF-AUTO MAINT.                                                                 64.00
  2. ADP PAYROLL FEES                                                                                    1088.55
  3. AIR CONSTRUCTION COURTHOUSE REPAIRS                                                                 150.00
  4. AMEREN PROBATION-UTILTIES                                                                    229.64
  5. AYERS JAMIE SHERIFF-ILEAS, TRAINING & OVERTIME                                 529.62
  6. BARBEE DARREN JAIL-TRAINING & OVERTIME                                                       676.11
  7. BEYERS KATHY CIRCUIT CLERK-MISC. EXPENSE                                                  112.00
  8. BRIGHT BARB CORONER-RENT                                                                               100.00
  9. BROWN’S DRUG STORE JAIL-MEDICAL SERVICES                                                                8.50
  10. BORRIES ART JANITOR-EXPENSE                                                                           900.00
  11. BOYD JERRY DR. COURT-MISC.                                                                                    800.00
  12. BUTCHER AUTO SHERIFF-AUTO MAINT.                                                                 142.20
  13. BYERS PRINTING COMPANY CIRCUIT CLERK-SUPPLIES                                                              435.19
  14. BYRD ASHTON SHERIFF-OVERTIME & TRAINING                                              831.01
  15. CARTRIGHT ADAM SHERIFF-ILEAS & OVERTIME                                                        1855.60
  16. CENTRAL CIGAR SHERIFF-INCIDENTAL EXPENSE                                                  74.45
  17. CLAY COUNTY HEALTH DEPT MISC. & CONTINGENCIES                                                             1142.46
  18. CIC RECORDER’S MICRO                                                                        7170.00
  19. CIT COURTHOUSE-DEBT RETIREMENT                                            87.88
  20. CITY OF FLORA EDSA-RENT                                                                                         275.00
  21. COMPASS WEB COUNTY CLERK-COMPUTER SERVICES                                    1108.03
  22. COLLINS MARY BETH ATTY FEES FOR INDIGENTS                                                           1455.12
  23. COMMUNICATION JAIL-TELEPHONE                                                                               483.60
  25. DEPUTIES PHONE DEPUTIES PHONES                                                                          440.00
  26. DUSTY’S TIRE SHERIFF-AUTO MAINT                                                                   10.00
  27. EFFINGHAM TELCOM JAIL-PHONE                                                                                        103.00
  28. FCJDC HOUSING OF JUVENILES                                                                               1427.48
  29. FELDHAKE MARK SHERIFF-OVERTIME, TRAINING & ILEAS                                 1119.42
  30. FLORA PRINTING PROBATION INCIDENTAL EXPENSE                                           86.24
  31. FRITSCHLE LOGAN JAIL-TRAINING & OVERTIME                                                       443.52
  32. GFI COURTHOUSE-DEBT RETIREMENT                                            60.07


  1. GREENWOOD PAT JAIL-UNIFORMS                                                                                               150.00
  2. GROSS WILLIAM JAIL-TRAINING, UNIFORMS & BAILIFF                                    555.31
  3. TONY GROVES JAIL-OVERTIME                                                                                 199.08
  5. HEALY MITCHELL JAIL-CORRECTIONAL SALARIES                                                   1157.00
  6. HEARTLAND REPAIRS TO CTY BUILDING                                                           170.00
  7. HEAVEN’S MIST COURTHOUSE-SUPPLIES                                                                               141.00
  8. HEUERMAN CORY SHERIFF-TRAINING, ILEAS & OVERTIME                                 1590.32
  9. HOLKY’S PLUMBING COUNTY BUILDING REPAIRS                                                       50.00
  11. ILLINOIS STATE’S ATTY STATE’S ATTY-DUES                                                                         900.00
  12. INTAB ELECTION-SUPPLIES                                                                        267.57
  13. KIEFER LANDSCAPING                  REPAIRS TO COUNTY BUILDING                                                 275.00
  14. KNAPP OIL COMPANY SHERIFF-AUTO MAINT                                                                   3389.03
  15. KOESTER ANDREW STATE’S ATTY-PHONE                                                                     50.00
  16. LEWIS ELAM BAILIFF, OVERTIME & TRAINING                                                               2120.11
  17. LEXIS NEXIS STATE’S ATTY-DUES                                                                         139.00
  18. LINDA’S CLEANING HWY-CLEANING                                                                                               65.00
  20. LORENZ SUPPLY COURTHOUSE-SUPPLIES                                                                               190.36
  22. MILNER CHAD SHERIFF-OVERTIME & ILEAS                                                        1451.10
  23. MUNICIPAL PROBATION, HWY, JAIL & CH-UTILITIES                                  1103.65
  24. MYMAK’S DETAILING SHERIFF-AUTO MAINT.                                                                 230.00
  25. NACCTFO TREASUER-MISC                                                                               75.00
  26. NAPA COURTHOUSE & JAIL-SUPPLIES                                                 43.87
  28. POWLESS JOEL STATE’S ATTY-PHONE                                                     50.00
  29. POWLESS SHAWNA VICTIM/WITNESS-SALARY                                            4475.00
  30. SALT & STRINGS SHERIFF-INCIDENTAL EXPENSE                                  1219.72


  1. SIRCHIE JAIL-SUPPLIES                                                                   68.49
  2. SPITZER STEVE JAIL-TRAINING & TRANS PRISONERS                       61.51
  3. STURM ROBERT JAIL-TRAINING & BAILFF                                                               501.92
  4. THOMPSON RICK JANITOR-EXPENSE                                                           900.00
  5. TUNGATE MARK ATTY FEES FOR INDIGENTS                                           218.75
  6. VERIZON JAIL-TELEPHONE                                                               342.09
  7. WABASH SHERIFF, HWY & CH-TELEPHONE                               2396.05
  8. WALMART JAIL-DIET & CARE OF PRISONERS                               2380.44


  1. WELLS FARGO SHERIFF-SUPPLIES                                                           124.53
  2. WM ROBIN TODD CIRCUIT CLERK-SUPPLIES                                              82.95
  3. WOOD STEPHAN BAILIFF                                                                                 730.00
  4. ZIMDARS COURTHOUSE-REPAIRS                                                 150.37
  5. ZINKS COURTHOUSE-REPAIRS                                                 41.72

Total                                                      59,854.92


  1. ADP PAYROLL FEES                                                                    209.00
  2. ADVOCATE PRESS TREASURER-PUBLISHING COST                                  247.33
  3. AMERENCIPS HWY, COURTHOUS & JAIL-UTILTIES                         2281.24
  4. BROWN’S DRUG STORE JAIL-SUPPLIES                                                                   198.20
  6. COMPASS WEB S OF A, RECORDER’S MICRO                                        1556.20


  1. CRYSTAL BALLARD CIRCUIT CLERK-MISC.                                                     100.68
  2. CURTIS LIEB PROBATION-TRAVEL                                                      43.70
  3. DBS DISPOSAL JAIL & COURTHOUSE-UTILITIES                                  120.00
  4. FLORA BATTERY & ALTERNATOR COURTHOUSE-REPAIRS                                                 85.00
  5. FRANKLIN COUNTY DETENTION JAIL-HOUSING OF JUVENILES                                     6148.30
  6. HARGIS GLASS PLUS SHERIFF-AUTO MAINT                                                   644.93
  7. HEARTLAND PEST CONTROL HWY-UTILITIES                                                                  85.00
  8. HEAVEN’S MIST COURTHOUSE-SUPPLIES                                                               97.50
  9. HEYL ROYSTER MISC. & CONTINGENCIES                                             1155.00
  10. IL ASSOC OF CTY BOARD MEMBERS ADM-COUNTY BOARD MEMBERS                             675.00
  11. IL CTY TREASURERS ASSOCIATION TREASUERER-MISC                                                          150.00


  1. JOEL POWLESS STATE’S ATTY- DUES                                                        224.00
  2. KINDAL EASTIN STATE’S ATTY-TRAVEL                                                    231.63
  3. KNAPP OIL COMAPANY SHERIFF-AUTO MAINT                                                   2348.57
  4. LORENZ SUPPLY COURTHOUSE-SUPPLIES                                                               83.27
  5. MIDWEST OFFICE PROBATION-INCIDENTAL EXPENSE                          311.22
  6. MYRON CORP COURTHOUSE-SUPPLIES                                                               238.37
  7. QUILL ESDA-MISC                                                                         625.61
  8. RAY O’HERRON JAIL-HOUSING OF ADULTS                                           187.30
  9. ROBBINS SCHWARTZ MISC. & CONTINGENCIES                                             100.00
  10. SALT & STRINGS JAIL-DIET & CARE OF PRISONERS                               1572.55
  11. SAV MOR PHARMACY JAIL-MEDICAL SUPPLIES                                                                34.92
  12. STACEY ALLEN COUNTY CLERK-MISC                                                     58.48
  13. STEPHAN BARBER JAIL-MEDICAL SERVICES                                                                255.00
  14. TERA CONKLIN PROBATION-TRAVEL                                                      757.93
  15. WES MILLER CORONER-TRAVEL                                                           78.59
  16. WEX BANK PROBATION-TRAVEL                                                      141.95
  17. ZINK BUILDING COURTHOUSE-SUPPLIES                                                               28.72

TOTAL                   22,831.40









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