April 14,2016 board mins

The April 14, 2016 meeting of the Honorable Clay County Board was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Sheriff Andy Myers.

The Pledge to the flag was led by Sheriff Myers.

The blessing was led by Brad Harris.

The roll was called: Present: Ted Whitehead, Chairman, Mike Spitzner, Brad Harris, Joe Goodman, Janice Brooks, Jeremy Wildbur, John Weidner, Chris Rinehart, John Bayler, Dave Johnson, Mike Rinehart, Mary McCollough,  Barb McGrew

Absent: Bryan Knapp

Chairman Whitehead acknowledged guests and there were two agenda changes.  Amanda Goostree will not be present and there will be no executive session for County Engineer.

Motion by Brad Harris, seconded by Mike Spitzner, to approve the agenda as it stands.  Motion Carried. Voice Action.

Motion by Barb McGrew, seconded by Mary McCollough, to approve the County Board minutes of March 8, 2016.  Motion Carried, Voice Action.

Claims Committee Members opened the floor to discuss current claims committee procedures.  Discussion ensued on whether to call for separate votes by department for Paid/ Unpaid Claims.  It was noted that the Hospital does not bring actual vouchers for review, but just a report.  Some think it is working well, while others think the vouchers should be available.

Motion by Joe Goodman, seconded by John Bayler, to leave the claims committee procedures as is currently being done.  Motion Carried.  9 Yes 4 No

Motion by John Weidner, seconded by Joe Goodman, to approve the action of the Claims Committee.  Motion Carried. 11 Yes 1 No 1 Abstain

Claims Committee Chairman Janice Brooks noted that the committee met to review employee time sheets and closed session minutes.  All time sheets were filed as should be.

Chairman Ted Whitehead presented the 911 Report in written form.

CEFS Director Kim Adair presented information on CEFS Public Transportation.

Motion by Brad Harris, seconded by Mike Rinehart, to approve the Intergovernmental Agreement for Public Transportation.  Motion Carried. Voice Action.

Intergovernmental Agreement


This Agreement is entered into by and between the County of Shelby and the counties of Fayette, Clay, Moultrie, Montgomery, and Douglas, (hereinafter referred to as the “Participants”) for the provision of public transportation in said counties.


WHEREAS, Participants have applied for a grant pursuant to Section 5311 of the Federal Transit Act of 1991 and the Down state Public Transportation Act (30ILCS 740/2-1 et seq.) In order for financial assistance to be made available for public transpiration programs in rural and small urban area within Shelby, Fayette, Clay, Moultrie, Montgomery, and Douglas Counties; and


WHEREAS, it is mutual desire of the Participants that the County of Shelby be designated as the “Primary Participant” pursuant to Section 601.105(b) of the Illinois Department of Transportation Regulations for Public Transportation Assistance to Programs in Non- Urbanized Areas for the administration and distribution of Federal Section 5311 and Downtown Public Transportation funds.


And WHEREAS, Illinois Compiled Statutes 740/2-1 et seq. authorized a county to provide for public transportation within the county limits;




  1. The County of Shelby shall be designated as the “Primary Participant” pursuant to Section 601.105(b) of the Illinois Department of Transportation Regulations for Public Transportation Assistance to Programs in Non- Urbanized Areas providing for the administration and distribution of Federal Section 5311 and                   down state Public Transportation Act Funds.


  1. It shall be the responsibility to the Primary Participant to receive all Section 5311 Funds from the Illinois Department of Transportation pursuant to said Department’s agreements with the Participants.


  1. The Primary Participant shall disburse said funds to C.E.F.S. Economic Opportunity Corporation a                              not-for-profit corporation, the service provider under the terms and conditions of said agreements.


  1. Delivery of service by service provider shall be made in accordance with agreements entered into by                 service provider with the Primary Participants.


  1. Participants are not responsible to the service provider for any local matching funds, but may provide match as desired.


  1. That the terms of this Agreement will be effective for the twelve-month grant period.


  1. Any revision of this Agreement must be agreed to by the Participants as evidenced by and addendum signed by the authorized representative of each.


  1. This Agreement or any part thereof may be renegotiated where changes are required by State or Federal law, rules, regulations, or court action, or when Participants agree that a new intergovernmental agreement                         would meet their particular needs.


  1. This intergovernmental agreement is binding upon the Participants, their successors and assigns.


  1. If any section, sentence, clause, phase or portion of this Intergovernmental Agreement is, for any reason, held to be invalid or unconstitutional by the decision of any court of competent jurisdiction, such decision

Shall not affect the validity of the remaining portion of the Agreement.  It is hereby declared the intent of  the Participants that this Agreement shall remain valid and                                                         enforceable, notwithstanding the invalidity of  any part hereof.


  1. That only one original copy of this Intergovernmental Agreement shall be signed and executed by                                 Participants and that any photocopies of the executed Intergovernmental Agreement shall be deemed to be                   duplicated originals.


  1. The term of this agreement shall be for the Grant Fiscal year of July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017 and will be submitted for approval annually.



COUNTY OF SHELBY, a body politic and corporate


By:  _______________________________

Chairperson, Shelby County Board





Shelby County Clerk




COUNTY OF CLAY, a body politic and corporate


By:           s/ Ted Whitehead                                      

Chairperson, Clay County Board




             s/ Brenda Britton                          

Clay County Clerk












Motion by Barb McGrew, seconded by Dave Johnson, to approve an Ordinance to provide Public Transportation. Motion Carried. Voice Action.






IN CLAY COUNT, ILLINOIS for Fiscal year 2017, beginning July 1, 2016 and ending on June 30, 2017.


Whereby, public transportation  is an essential public purpose for which public funds may be expended under Article 13, Section 7 of the  Illinois Constitution; and


WHEREAS, Clay County wishes to provide public transportation for its citizens and become eligible for grants from the State of Illinois or any department or agency thereof, from any unit                 of local government, from the Federal government or any department or agency thereof; and


WHEREAS, Illinois Compiled Statutes 740/2-1 et seq. authorizes a county to provide for public transportation within the Clay County limits:


NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED by the Chairman and the County Board of Clay County that:


Section 1. Shelby County shall hereby provide public transportation within the county limits.


Section 2. The County Clerk of the County of Clay shall file a certified copy of this Ordinance, within sixty days after passage of the ordinance.


Section 3. This Ordinance shall be in full force and effect from and after its passage and approval, as required by law.


Section 4. That County Board Chairman of Shelby County is hereby authorized and directed to execute and file on behalf of Clay County a Grant Application to the Illinois Department of Transportation.


Section 5. That County Board Chairman of Shelby County is hereby authorized and directed to execute and file on behalf of Clay County all required Grant Agreements with the Illinois Department of Transportation.


APPROVED by the Chairman and the Board of Clay County on the 14th day of April 2016, and deposited and filed in the office of the Clay County Clerk of said County on that date.


Elected Board Members     14


PRESENT       13


AYE               13


NAY               0



S/ BRENDA BRITTON           

Clerk of Clay County, Illinois


APPROVED by the Chairman of the Clay County Board, this 10th day of April, 2014.


       S/TED WHITEHEAD                     

Chairman of Clay County, Illinois





Motion by Jeremy Wildbur, seconded by Mary Mccollough, to ratify the Chairman’s appointment of Brandon Cycholl to the Clay County Board of Health, term ending December 1, 2017.  Motion Carried. Voice Action.


Jeff Workman, Clay County Health Department, presented the Board of Health Bulletin in written form.


Sheriff Myers presented the Sheriff’s Activity Report in written form.


Motion by Jeremy Wildbur, seconded by Mary McCollough, approve to transfer funds from County Corp to Workers Comp of $40,000.00. Motion Carried.


County Treasurer Jana Tolliver presented the Financial Reports in written form.  Tolliver noted that the IMRF fund may run short before the 1st distribution of taxes.


Motion by Joe Goodman, seconded by Dave Johnson, to accept the low bid of Mt. Carmel Stabilization Group, Inc.  of Mt. Carmel, IL for providing PG 46-28 Bituminois Material, and haul & spread aggregates for the County’s 2016 Motor Fuel Tax maintenance program in the total amount of $121,417.50.  Motion Carried. Voice Action.


Motion by Brad Harris, seconded by Mike Spitzner, that the Chairman of the County Board be authorized to execute all documents necessary to enter into an agreement with Rhutasel & Associated, Inc. of Centralia, Illinois for the performance of preliminary engineering services for the construction of Briscoe Bridge over Elm Creek on Stanford TR212B. Stanford Road), Section 16-11133-00-BR, at a fee of $27,500.00.  Motion Carried.


County Engineer Mike Quandt presented the Highway Report in written form.  Additionally, Quandt reported that he has hired Brent Erwin as a maintenance employee.


Motion by John Bayler, seconded by Dave Johnson, to approve adding employees to Electronic Check Clearing Access (Janelle Monroe, Andrea Buhrmann, Jonathan Smith and Tonya Zuber).  Motion Carried. Voice Action.


Motion by John Bayler, seconded by Mike Spitzner to approve the appointment for the following health professionals: Motion Carried. Voice Action.


Initial Appointment:                       Andrew Rudin, MD         Hospitalist

Jenna Kintner, APN         Courtesy Orthopedics

Provisional Appointment:            Debra Harris, APN            Specified Professional Affiliate

Donald Bunnell, MD        Honorary Staff

Sean McCain, MD            Courtesy Emergency

Heath Laughlin, MD        Courtesy Radiology

Reappointments:                             Richard Katholi, MD        Courtesy Cardiology

Robert Woodruff, MD   Courtesy Cardiology



Chairman Ted Whitehead presented the ROE Report in written form.


Motion by Barb McGrew, seconded by John Bayler, to ratify the Chairman’s Appointment of Bruce Dickey to the 911 Board.  Motion Carried. Voice Action.


Motion by Joe Goodman, seconded by Mary McCollough, to ratify the Chairman’s Appointment of Larry Kuhns to the Edgewood Bi- County FPD.  Motion Carried. Voice Action.


Chairman Whitehead noted he had received a request from the City of Flora for Public Safety Funds, the request will be referred to the Executive Finance Committee.


Board Member Mike Rinehart asked for an update regarding a letter from the IL Comptroller requesting corrective action.  Ryan Hawkins, Kemper CPS, is working on a response.  The Executive Finance Committee will check on the status.


Board Member Mike Rinehart also noted board members had received a couple letters regarding issues with CCH.  The issues are being addressed by the Hospital Committee/ SSM.  Rinehart thinks the full board need to discuss/address these issues, in executive session if needed.


John Bayler thinks the Hospital Committee should address the issue first, and if not resolved then the full board.


Chairman Whitehead cautions that there may be a fine line with HIPPA violations and individual board members need to be careful addressing.


Mike Rinehart stressed that the committee needs to report back to the County Board on these issues.


Motion by Jeremy Wildbur, seconded by Janice Brooks, to adjourn. Time: 6:50p.m.  Motion Carried. Voice Action











Mr. Chairman and Gentlemen of the County Board:

Your Committee on Paid Claims would beg leave to report that they have examined all claims presented to them, and recommend the payment of the following, and that the Clerk be directed to issue orders on the County Treasurer to the Claimants for the several amounts allowed, as follows, to wit:

1              ADP                                                       MISC & CONTINGENCIES                                                                              1522.10

2              ALLEN, STACEY                                  ELECTION- MISC                                                                                               44.50

3              AMEREN CIPS                                    JAIL, HWY, PROB, CH-UTILITIES                                                                  565.57

4              ARNOLD, ASHLEY                             S OF A- TRAVEL                                                                                                 288.42

5              AYERS, JAMIE                                    JAIL- PHONE,SHERIFF- TRAINING                                                              70.23

6              BARBEE, DARREN                             JAIL- OVERTIME                                                                                                 202.32

7              BRIGHT, BARB                                   CORONER- OFFICE EXPENS                                                                          100.00

8              BRITTON, BRENDA                           COUNTY BOARD SEC FEE, CO CLK- MISC, ELECTION-MISC                 642.50

9              BUTCHER AUTOMOTIVE                               SHERIFF- AUTO                 MAINT                                                     404.42

10           BYRD, ASHTON                                  JAIL –PHONE                                                                                                      323.20

11           CARTRIGHT, ADAM                         JAIL- PHONE, SHERIFF- OVERTIME, TRAINING                                     582.46

12           CELLULAR ONE                                  ESDA- PHONE                                                                                                    82.70

13           CHET’S ELECTRIC                               REPAIRS TO CO. BUILDING                                                                           945.94

14           CIT                                                          CH- RECORDS                                                                                                     175.76

15           CITY OF FLORA                                  ESDA- RENT                                                                                                        550.00

16           CLAY CO ADVOCATE PRESS          ELECTION- PUBLICATION                                                                              1675.00

17           CLAY COUNTY HEALTH DEPART  JAIL- MEDICAL SERVICES                                                                               19.44



19           COMPASS WEB                                 ELECTION- COMPUTER EQUIP                                                                    120.00

20           COUNTY BOARD MEMBERS         COUNTY BOARD-EXPENSE                                                                           2553.96

21           DBS DISPOSAL                                   JAIL AND COURTHOUSE- UTILITIES                                                           120.00

22           DELUXE                                                TREASURER- SUPPLIES                                                                                   1111.38

23           EFFINGHAM TELCOM                     JAIL- PHONE                                                                                                       103.00

24           ELECTION SYSTERMS & SOFTWARE  ELECTION- COMPUTER SERVICES                                                      11726.35

25           ELLIOTT, CHRIS                                  PUBLIC DEFENDER- OTHER EXPENS                                                          1.06

26           FANCHER, PHILLIP                           COURTHOUSE SECURITY-BAILIFF                                                              700.80

27           FELDHAKE, MARK                            JAIL- PHONE, SHERIFF- TRAINING                                                             406.27

28           FLORA SCHOOL DISTRICT              SHERIFF- TRAINING                                                                                        100.00

29           FORE, KELLIE                                      ELECTION- MISC                                                                                               17.80

30           FRITSCHLE, LOGAN                          JAIL- OVERTIME                                                                                                37.94

31           GALLS                                                   PROB- INCIDENTAL EXPENS                                                                         116.89

32           GFI DIGITAL                                        CH- RECORDS                                                                                                     35.40

33           GREENWOOD, PAT                          JAIL- PHONE                                                                                                       40.00

34           GROSS, WILLIAM                             COURTHOUSE- BAILIFF, JAIL- OVERTIME                                            1051.20

35           HARGIS GLASS PLUS                       SHERIFF- AUTO MAINT                                                                                  636.38

36           HEUERMAN, CORY                          JAIL-PHONE, SHERIFF- OT, AUTO MAINT, TRAINING                        674.08

37           HOMEFIELD ENERGY                       JAIL, CH, HWY- UTILITIES                                                                               915.13

38           HWY 50 REPAIR                                 ESDA- AUTO MAINT                                                                                       516.47

39           IACCR                                                    CO CLK- SUPPLIES                                                                                            20.00

40           IACC                                                      CIRCUIT CLK- MISC                                                                                          200.00

41           IACO                                                      S OF A- TRAINING                                                                                            90.00

42           ILLINOIS OFFICE SUPPLY                               ELECTION- PRINTING & SUPPLIES                                             53.75

43           IL SEC OF STATE                                SHERIFF- AUTO MAINT                                                                                  190.00

44           IMAGING SOLUTIONS                   RECORDERS MICRO                                                                                         15073.50

45           LEE’S PC DEPOT                                 COURTS- CIRCUIT CLK- SUPPLIES                                                                60.00

46           LEIB, CURTIS                                       PROB- TRAVEL                                                                                                   39.76

47           LEONARD, AARON                           PUBLIC DEF- ATTY FEE’S FOR INDIGENTS                                               1510.00

48           LEWIS, ELAM                                      JAIL- PHONE, SHERIFF- OVERTIME                                                            378.04

49           LINDA’S CLEANING SERVICE        HWY- UTILITIES                                                                                                 65.00

50           LOUISVILLE AUTO PARTS              JAIL- SUPPLIES                                                                                                  4.69

51           LOUISVILLE CASEYS                         PROB-INCIDENTAL EXPENS                                                                          31.98

52           LOUISVILLE POSTMASTER            ELECTION & SHERIFF- POSTAGE                                                                 266.00

53           MEAGER SIGN & GRAPHICS        SHERIFF- AUTO MAINT                                                                                  85.56

54           MIKE’S FOOD MARKET                  JAIL- DIET & CARE FOR PRISONERS                                                           4553.86

55           MILLER OFFICE EQUIP                    PROB- INCIDENTAL EXPENS, CO CLK- OFFICE EQUIP MAINT          249.38

56           MILLER, WES                                      CORONER- TRAVEL & SUPPLIES                                                                 131.28

57           MILNER, CHAD                                  JAIL-PHONE                                                                                                        40.00

58           MILONE, GARY E                              ATTORNEY FEES FOR INDIGENTS                                                               227.48

59           MUNICIPLE UTILITIES                     JAIL, CH, HWY, PROB-UTILITIES                                                                  2290.48

60           MURBARGER, DALE                        VICTIM WITNESS ACT                                                                                     4475.00

61           MURPHY, DARLA                              ELECTION- MISC                                                                                               23.14

62           MYERS, ANDY                                    JAIL- PHONE, SHERIFF- TRAINING, AUTO MAINT                                489.39

63           PACHESA, MICHELLE                       ST ATTY- TRANSCRIPT FEES                                                                          27.00

64           PHILLIPS, RAY                                    JAIL-PHONE, SHERIFF-OVERTIME, BAILIFFS                                          420.40

65           PHILLIPS, JOEL J.C.                           COURTS- ATTORNEY FEES FOR INDIGENTS                                            338.75

66           PTS OF AMERICA, LLC                     SHERIFF- TRANSPORTING PRISONERS                                                    504.90

67           QUANDT, TAMI                                ELECTION- MISC                                                                                               31.15

68           QUILL                                                    CO CLERK- SUPPLIES                                                                                       38.47

69           RICOH                                                   SHERIFF- SUPPLIES                                                                                          125.00

70           RKDIXON                                             CH RECORDS- DEBT RETIREMENT                                                              147.03

71           SAVMOR PHARMACY                     JAIL- MEDICAL SERVICES                                                                               138.22

72           SIMS, LORI C.S.R.                             STATES ATTORNEY- TRANSCRIPT FEES,                                                   858.00

73           SOUTH CENTRAL FS                         SHERIFF- AUTO MAINT                                                                                 1837.79

74           SPITZNER, STEVEN                           JAIL PHONE, SHERIFF- TRANSPORTING PRISONERS                          54.32

75           VERIZON                                              JAIL- TELEPHONE                                                                                              342.11

76           WALMART                                          PROB- INCIDENTAL EXPENS, JAIL DIET & CARE FOR PRISONERS   1069.09


77           WEX                                                       PROB- TRAVEL                                                                                                   189.17

78           WOOD, STEVE                                   COURTHOUSE SECURITY-BAILIFF                                                              467.20

79           WTCI                                                     CH, JAIL, HWY-PHONES                                                                                 2209.16

80           YOUNG’S PIT STOP                          SHERIFF- AUTO MAINT                                                                                  48.00

81           YOUNG, RONALD                             ATTORNEY FEES FOR INDIGENTS                                                               579.75

82           ZINKS BUILDING CENTER              COURTHOUSE- SUPPLIES                                                                              36.43














1              ACT AUTOMOTIVE                                                          SHERIFF- AUTO MAINT                                  18.00

2              COMMUNICATION REVOLVING FUND                   JAIL- PHONE                                                       498.55

3              DBS DISPOSAL                                                                   JAIL, HWY & CH- UTILITIES                            120.00

4              DUSTY’S TIRE                                                                     SHERIFF- AUTO MAINT                                  1252.71

5              EFFINGHAM TELECOM SOLUTIONS                          JAIL- PHONE                                                       103.00

6              HEAVEN’S MIST BOTTLED WATER                             PROB- INCIDENTAL EXPENS                         19.50

7              INDOFF                                                                                JAIL, TREASURER, S OF A                               1301.17


8              KIEFER LANDSCAPING                                                   REPAIRS TO CO BUILDING                            275.00

9              MEAGHER SIGN & GRAPHICS                                     SHERIFF- AUTO MAINT                                  950.00

10           PERRY’S AMALL ENGINES                                             PUBLIC GROUNDS- MAINT                          183.86


10           LORENZ SUPPLY CO                                                         CH- SUPPLIES                                                     70.90

11           RAY O’ HERRON CO                                                         SHERIFF & JAIL- UNIFORMS                         712.72

12           ROBBINS SCHWARTZ NICHOLAS & LIFTON            MISC & CONTIGENCIES                                 3063.85

13           THE WEB CAFÉ                                                                   JAIL- SUPPLIES                                                  29.95



TOTAL $8,528.31

























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