County Board

Clay County is organized under the township form of County government. The Clay County Board consists of fourteen members that are elected from districts throughout the county and govern the county in accordance with state statute. The Board meets to administer county activities and enact ordinances and resolutions into law.

CLAY COUNTY BOARD   (Click to Enlarge)

CLAY COUNTY BOARD (Click to Enlarge)

The County Board Chairman is selected by the full board and is the chief executive officer of County Government. The current County Board Chairman is Ted Whitehead and Vice Chairman is Chris Rinehart.

The County Board Chairman presides over the meetings of the County Board and appoints Board members to serve on the standing committees of the Board. The committees maintain an informed relationship with the departments and offices under their oversight. The chairman of each committee regularly reports to the Board Chairman and the full Board on the operations of their respective departments. The committees study issues within their areas of responsibility that are assigned to them by the Chairman and submit recommendations and resolutions to the full Board for action.

2018 Clay County Board Meeting Dates
Second Tuesday of the Month at 6:00 PM
January 09 July 10
February 13 August 14
March 13 September 11
April 12 October 09
May 08 November 13
June 12 December 11

The County Board passes all ordinances, rules and regulations to implement the powers granted to counties. The Board approves all contracts and expenditures, and does all other acts necessary to exercise the corporate powers of the County. It has the authority to levy taxes for the support of County Government operations. The Board has the task of reviewing and adopting the County’s annual budget submitted by the Executive Finance Committee.


County Board Districts
District A Clay City I PrecinctDistrict B Clay City II & Stanford PrecinctsDistrict C Xenia & Songer PrecinctsDistrict D Blair & Bible Grove PrecinctsDistrict E Oskaloosa , Larkinsburg I & Larkinsburg II PrecinctsDistrict F Hoosier, Pixley I & Pixley II PrecinctsDistrict G Louisville I Precinct District H Louisville II PrecinctDistrict I Harter I & Harter II PrecinctsDistrict J Harter V PrecinctDistrict K Harter IV PrecinctDistrict L Harter III PrecinctDistrict M Harter VI PrecinctDistrict N Harter VII Precinct



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