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Crystal Ballard Crystal Ballard
P.O. BOX 100
PH: 618-665-3523
FAX: 618-665-3543
Hours of Operation:
Mon. – Fri.
8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
(see “Holiday Schedule”)

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The mission of the Office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Clay County is to serve the citizens of Clay County & the participants of the Judicial System in accordance with the statures in a professional, efficient & ethical manner.

The duty of the Clerk of the Court is to be the administrative arm of the County Court System. I am charged with keeping the official seal and record of the Court in each and every case that comes before the Court. My duty is to the Judges, attorneys, law enforcement officials and other elected officials, but most importantly, to the public who elected me.

Being the keeper of all the records and files, the Clerk shall attend the sessions of their respective courts, preserve all the files and papers thereof, make, keep and preserve complete records of all the proceedings and determinations. This all being done as set forth by the Illinois Statutes, Supreme Court Rules, the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts and local Circuit Court.

The office of the Circuit Clerk has enormous financial responsibilities as well as administrative and managerial duties. We collect and disburse all money owed to the court by criminal defendants and filing fees paid by civil litigants. This money is distributed each month to the State, County, Municipalities, and restitution recipients.

The Circuit Clerk is responsible for summonsing Petit Jurors, Grand Jurors and Quick Notice Jurors. For the convenience of the jurors summoned, an answering machine provides updated information to the prospective jurors.

ADDITIONAL SERVICES: Genealogy searches, FOID applications & Passports.

Clay County Court Fees

Case Type Filing Fee Answer
Adoption $65 N/A
Chancery $256 $166
Dissolution $206 $166
Eminent Domain $216 $166
Ed Jury Demand $150
Family/paternity $166 $166
Family $136
Law(Excess $50,000) $206 $166
LM ($5,000-$15,000) $176 $156
LM ($15,000-$50,000) $206 $166
LM (Forced Entry & Detained Poss Only /Poss & Rent – $15,000) $156 $156
LM (Forced Entry & Detained Poss & Rent Excess $15,000) $206 $166
LM (Confess Judgment-$1500) $161 N/A
LM (Confess Judgment $1,500 to $15,000) $201 N/A
LM (Confess Judgment + $15,000) $246 N/A
Misc Remedy (Name Change/Habeas Corpus) $206
Misc Remedy (Admin Review) $146
Municipal Corp $206 $166

Civil Jury Demands

12 Man Jury (civil) $212.50
Order of Protection NO CHARGE
Testate or Intestate $206
Real & Personal Prop. less than $15,000 $166
Foregn Will $166
GDN of Est or Est & Person + $15,000.01 $186
GDN Person Only $146
Probate Jury Demand $135
Pet. Sell Real Est $52
Estate Claims – $150 NO CHARGE
Estate Claims + $150 $10
Current Accts $10
Letters of Office $2 Each
Small Claims $0-$249 $136
Small Claims $250-$500 $141
Small Claims $501-$2,500 $156
Small Claims $2,501-$10,000 $176
Certified Mail Fee $12.00

Small Claim Jury Demand
6 Man $12.50
12 Man $25.00
Tax Objection $176
Pet. Tax Deed $251
Additional Parcels $35

Make a Payment

NO personal checks from individuals or pro se filings will be accepted for payment of fines, costs, filing fees and etc..

Payments must be made by Money Order, Cashiers Check, Cash, or one of the following options:

Online Payment of fines, costs, restitution or yearly maintenance can be made through Government Payment Services(GPS) or Judici.

To pay by phone dial: 888-604-7888 (24 hrs/day)

You will need the following information to make a payment online or by phone: Pay Location Traffic #5920 Fine & Costs #5921 Maintenance fee #5922-Case # or Citation #

  • Dollar Amount You Are Paying
  • A Valid MasterCard, Visa, Discover or American Express Card

NOTE: A 4.75% fee for service will be added to the amount of fees due if paid by phone.A 3.5% fee for service will be added to the amount of fees due if paid online. Government Payment Services (GPS) is an independent company that charges this fee for its services. The court receives no part of that fee.

Clay County Court Records:

Access court records online at Judici: 


Record Searches are done for the statutory fee of $5.00 per name searched. A written request with payment for search and self-stamped, addressed envelope are required.Copies are $1.00 for the first page, $.50 cent for the next 19 pages, and then $.25 cents thereafter. Any computer-generated information is $5.00 per page.


Genealogy searches & Passports.

Clay County Jury Information

Jury Trial Weeks List 2016
January August
February September
March October
April November
May December
Jurors Handbook Jurors_Handbook.pdf
Jury Trial Weeks List 2017
January 3-6 August 7-11
February 6-10 September 11-15
March 6-10 October 10-13
April 10-13 November 27 – December 1
May 8-12
June 5-9
July 10-14
Jurors Handbook Jurors_Handbook.pdf

Common Jury Inquiries When Receiving Juror Questionnaire



















Do I need to return the Questionnaire if I no longer live in Clay County?

If you no longer live in Clay County, fill in your name and current address at the top of the enclosed questionnaire, indicate “no longer live in Clay County” on the questionnaire, and return the questionnaire in the enclosed self-addressed envelope.  You will then be excused from jury duty.  (If the questionnaire was mailed to a family member, who does not live with you in Clay County anymore, please fill in their name, present city they live in, and sign questionnaire, indicating your relation to that person.)

I received this questionnaire on behalf of my mother, father, spouse, etc. and he/she is no longer living.

In the event you receive a jury notification for a person who is deceased, please write their name on the top of the questionnaire, indicate “deceased” and return the same in the enclosed self-addressed stamped envelope.

I received this questionnaire on behalf of my mother, father, spouse, etc., and he/she is presently residing in a nursing home or health care facility.

In the event you receive a jury notification for a person who is a resident of a nursing home or health care facility, please write their name on the top of the questionnaire, indicate where he/she is a resident and return the same in the enclosed self-addressed stamped envelope.  He/she will be excused from jury duty.

I cannot hear …. I cannot sit for a long period of time… I have a heart condition…

If you have a medical condition that would prohibit you from being a juror, a note from your attending physician indicating your inability to serve as a juror is necessary.  We cannot excuse jurors who do not supply us with the requested medical excuse.

I have a medical condition that requires that I eat at a certain time, or stretch my legs when necessary.

We try to accommodate people with certain medical conditions.  Please indicate on your questionnaire if you require any special attention and we will do our best to accommodate you during your jury service.

I just served for jury service 6 months ago.

By state statute, if you have served within a year of your last jury service, you can request not to serve when called again in the 12-month period.  If you have been called within the year of your last service, please indicate what month/year you last served on your questionnaire.  If you do not wish to serve again, please indicate so on the questionnaire and you will be excused from this jury service term; otherwise, you will be added to our jury pool.

I have vacation plans that fall during the jury term / I am scheduled to have surgery during the jury term / my employer is mandating that I attend a conference during the jury term / I am a farmer and will be busy in the field / I will be living in Florida during the term of this jury service / I have a doctor’s appointment on one of the days that I am scheduled to serve for jury duty.

You must complete the enclosed questionnaire and indicate on the questionnaire your situation with the time parameters that you have a conflict.  Once we have received your questionnaire, you will likely be deferred to another jury term (of your choice) when you will no longer have a conflict or we will accommodate your appointment for that day, and you may be required to serve the rest of the jury term.

My employer can’t do without me.

We require something in writing by your employer or supervisor on your employer’s letterhead indicating the conflict your employer will have if you are called for jury duty, and requesting that your jury service be deferred to a less demanding jury term.  You will still need to fill the enclosed questionnaire and return it with your employer letter to my office.  We will notify you and your employer whether you have been deferred from jury service.

My name has changed due to marriage or divorce.

Please fill in the name field as it was addressed to you on the envelope and then show name change and reason why it was changed.

























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