August 12, 2014 Minutes

The August 12 2014 meeting of the Honorable Clay County Board was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Sheriff Andy Myers.


The Pledge to the flag was led by Sheriff Myers.


The blessing was led by Brad Harris.


The roll was called: Present: Sue Pettit, Chairman, Mike Spitzner, Brad Harris,  Jerry Britton, John Weidner, Chris Rinehart, Ted Whitehead,  Ron King, Mary McCollough, Janice Brooks, Thomas Butcher, and Mike Rinehart


Absent: Bryan Knapp and David Johnson


Motion by Tom Butcher, seconded by Brad Harris to approve the County Board minutes of July 8, 2014, including the closed session minutes opened in July. Motion carried Voice Action.


Motion by Mike Rinehart, seconded by Brad Harris to approve the action of the Claims Committee. Motion Carried.


Jennifer Brown, 911 Coordinator presented he report in written form.


Jeff Workman, Clay County Health Department presented the Board of Health Report in written form.


Motion by Brad Harris, Seconded by Mike Rinehart to approve the FY 2015 Proposed Health Department Budget as presented.  Motion Carried


Sheriff Myers presented the Sheriff’s Department Report in written form.


Sheriff Myers provided a proposed floor plan for reviews for the new addition.  Work should proceed in the next few weeks.


The Circuit Clerk’s Report was available in written form.


The Probation Department Report was available in written form.


Treasurer Jana Tolliver presented her reports in written form.  Additionally, Tolliver reported that tax collection is under way.


Motion by Ron King, Seconded by Janice Brooks to approve Bridge Aid Petition 14(11-1) in Stanford Township. Motion Carried. Voice Action.


Motion by Jerry Britton, Seconded by Mary McCollough to approve Bridge Aid Petition 14(10-1) in Songer Township. Motion Carried. Voice Action


County Engineer Mike Quandt presented his report in written form. Additionally, Quandt reported he is in the interview process for his office due to the resignation of Jessica Norris.


Motion by Brad Harris, Seconded by Ron King to approve the appointment for the following health professionals: Motion Carried. Voice Action



Richard Schenk, MD                                        Courtesy Pathology

Vincent Zuck, MD                                            Courtesy Cardiology

Keith Jenkins, MD                                            Active Family Practice

Bashar Alzahabi, MD                                       Courtesy Internal Medicine


Initial Appointments:

                Binh Nguyen, MD                                            Provisional Courtesy Cardiology

Christopher Norbet, MD                               Provisional Courtesy Teleradiology

Patrick Rhoades, MD                                      Provisional Courtesy Teleradiology

Edward Harter, MD                                         Provisional Courtesy Teleradiology

Aaron Konrad, MD                                          Provisional Courtesy Teleradiology

Rebecca Baggett, MD                                     Provisional Courtesy Teleradiology

Marisa Blitstein, MD                                       Provisional Courtesy Teleradiology

David Weglicki II, MD                                      Provisional Courtesy Teleradiology



Motion by Jerry Britton, Seconded by Tom Butcher to approve upgrading the internet service with Wabash from a 3M to a 6M or 10M. Motion Carried. Voice Action


Motion by Mary McCollough, Seconded by Chris Rinehart to approve the County website redesign/ provider as Compass Web. Motion Carried.


Executive Finance Committee Chairman Tom Butcher noted that the committee will meet with Ryan Hawkins, Kemper CPA, and Thursday August 21 to begin budget discussions.


County Board Member Jerry Britton announced his resignation from the board, effective immediately.  Britton noted that he enjoyed working with the board and office holders.


Chairman Pettit thanked Jerry for his years of service to the board and work on committees, and stated that he will be missed.


Chairman Pettit then declared the vacancy in County Board District C and asked Clerk Britton to notify the County Central Committee Chairman.


Additionally, Chairman Petitt asked Board Member Ted Whitehead to step up as Chairman of the Hospital Committee.


Motion by Jerry Britton, Seconded by Ted Whitehead to adjourn. Time: 6:30 PM. Motion Carried. Voice Action





Mr. Chairman and Gentlemen of the County Board:

Your Committee on Paid Claims would beg leave to report that they have examined all claims presented to them, and recommend the payment of the following, and that the Clerk be directed to issue orders on the County Treasurer to the Claimants for the several amounts allowed, as follows, to wit:


No.         Names of Claimants                                        For What                                                          Amount of Claim

1              ALLEN, STACEY                                  ELECTION- MISC                                                                                               20.92

2              AMEREN CIPS                                    PROB, JAIL, CH, HWY-UTILITIES                                                                  848.64

3              AIT                                                         CORONER- TOXICOLGY                                                                                  180.00

4              APEX COMMINICATION                                SHERIFF- PURCHASE & LEASE OF AUTO                                                  910.00

5              AYERS, JAMIE                                    JAIL- PHONE, SHERIFF-OVERTIME                                                             327.90

6              BISSEY, ASHLEY                                 TREASURER- CLERICAL HIRE                                                                         560.00

7              BRANT, MARILYN                             ST. ATTY- TRAINING/SEMINARS                                                                                562.00

8              BRITTON, BRENDA                           ELECTION- MISC, CO BOARD SEC FEES                                                    230.28

9              BYRD, ASHTON                                  JAIL –PHONE, SHERIFF- OT                                                                           327.90

10           CARTRIGHT, ADAM                         JAIL- OT                                                                                                                                391.68

11           CELLULARONE                                   ESDA- PHONE                                                                                                    41.19

12           CHET’S ELECTRIC                               PROB- INCIDENTAL EXPENS                                                                         65.00

13           CHILDERS, JEREMY                           SHERIFF- INCIDENTAL EXPENS, JAIL- PHONE                                        118.51

14           CIC                                                         RECORDERS MICRO- SUPPLIES                                                                   209.00

15           CIT                                                          CH RECORDS- DEBT RETIRMENT                                                                 87.88

16           CLAY CO ADVOCATE PRESS          REVIEW ASSESSMENT ROLLS- EXPENS                                                    43.38

17           CLAY CO. TREAS IMRF FUND       MISC & CONTING                                                                                            585.00

18           CLAY CO TREAS SOC SEC FURND                ADMIN- HEALTH INSURANCE                                                                     15000.00

19           CITY OF FLORA                                  ESDA- RENT                                                                                                        275.00

20           COMPUTYPE                                      MISC & CONTINGENCIES                                                                              150.00

21           CONCRETE EVOLUTIONS               IMPROVEMENTS T CO. BUILDINGS                                                          2359.00

22           COUNTY BOARD MEMBERS         COUNTY BOARD MEETING                                                                           2393.73

23           DUSTY’S TIRE                                     SHERIFF- AUTO MAINT                                                                                  187.00

24           EFFINGHAM TELCOM                     JAIL- PHONE                                                                                                       103.00

25           FANCHER, PHILLIP                           BAILIFFS                                                                                                               1051.20

26           FELDHAKE, MARK                            SHERIFF-OVERTIME, JAIL PHONE                                                              494.32

27           FLEET ONE                                           PROB- TRAVEL                                                                                                   474.22

28           FORE, KELLIE                                      RECORDERS MICRO – SUPPLIES                                                                 109.92

29           FRANKLIN CO JUVENILE DETENTION HOUSING JUVENILES                                                                            741.52

30           FRANK & BRIGHT FUNERAL HOMECORONER- OFFICE EQUIP EXPENS                                                       100.00

31           FRED SPITTLER                                   S OF A- TRAINING                                                                                            250.00

32           GFI DIGITAL                                        CH RECORD- DEBT RETIRMENT                                                                   30.36

33           GLOBAL TECHNICAL SYSTEMS     JAIL- MAINT TO EQUIP                                                                                  83.85

34           GREENWOOD, PAT                          JAIL- OT                , TRAINING, SUPPLEIS                                                                    345.49

35           GREENWOOD, TOM                        BAILIFFS                                                                                                               584.00

36           GROSS, WILLIAM                             BAILIFF, JAIL- OVERTIME                                                                              2172.80

37           GROVES, TONY                                 JAIL- TRAINING                                                                                                 48.96

38           HARRS ACE HARDWARE                JAIL- SUPPLIES                                                                                                  13.98

39           HEUERMAN, CORY                          SHERIFF-OT,  JAIL-PHONE, OT, MAINT TO EQUIP                                               608.21

40           HOMEFIELD ENERGY                       JAIL, CH, PROB- UTILITIES                                                                             985.29

41           ILEAS                                                     SHERIFF- INCIDENTAL EXPEN                                                                      60.00

42           INDOFF                                                ST ATTY- SUPPLIES                                                                                           11.58

43           JACOB JACOBI                                   CORONER- AUTOPSY                                                                                      1810.00

44           LEDBETTER, JADE CSR,RPR            ST ATTY- TRANSCRIPT FEES                                                                          81.00

45           LEIB, CURTIS                                       PROB- TRAVEL & INCIDENTAL EXPENS                                                    102.12

46           LEONARD, AARON                           COURTS- ATTY FEE FOR INDIGENTS                                                          664.73

47           LEWIS, ELAM                                      SHERIFF- OVERTIME JAIL-  OVERTIME &PHONE                                  832.66

48           LINDA’S CLEANING SERVICE        HWY- UTILITIES                                                                                                 65.00

49           LOUISVILLE COLLISION CENTER  SHERIFF- AUTO MAINT                                                                                  1348.59

50           LOUISVILLE POSTMASTER            SHERIFF, ST ATTY- SUPPLIES, PROB- INCIDENTAL,                              996.10


51           MAIL SERVICES                                 TREASURER- POSTAGE/ MISC, S OF A- TAX SERVICE                         6556.9

52           MILLER OFFICE EQUIPMENT        ST ATTY- SUPPLIES                                                                                           181.90

53           MILNER, CHAD                                  JAIL-PHONE                                                                                                        40.00

54           MUNICIPLE UTILITIES                     JAIL, CH, HWY, PROB-UTILITIES                                                                  712.16

55           MYERS, ANDY                                    JAIL- PHONE, SHERIFF- TRANSPORTING PRISONERS, INCIDENT   264.27

56           NOTARY PUBLIC ASSOCIATION  ST ATTY- SUPPLIES                                                                                           49.00

57           PHILLIPS, RAYMOND                      SHERIFF- OVERTIME, JAIL- PHONE, OT, BAILIFFS                                                727.52

58           POWLESS, JOEL                                                 COURTS- ATTY FEES FOR INDIGENTS                                                       887.50

59           PROFESSIONAL ID CARDS             SHERIFF- INCIDENTAL EXPENS                                                                    15.40

60           RICOH                                                   SHERIFF- SUPPLIES                                                                                          125.00

61           RKDIXON                                             CH RECORDS- DEBT RETIREMENT                                                              234.42

62           SHIRT TALES                                       CORONER- SUPPLIES                                                                                      120.00

63           SIMS, LORI, CSR                                                ST ATTY- TRANSCRIPT FEES                                                                          27.00

64           SOUTH CENTRAL FS                         SHERIFF- AUTO MAINT                                                                                 3307.77

65           SPITZNER, STEVEN                           JAIL PHONE                                                                                                        40.00

66           STURM, ROBERT                               JAIL- OVERTIME                                                                                                                81.00

67           THE POTTERS SHED                          ELECTION- SALARIES OF JUDGES                                                                               33.98

68           THE WEB CAFÉ                                   JAIL- MAINT TO EQUIP, SHERIFF- INCIDENTAL EXPENS                    866.70

69           THOMSON REUTERS                       ST ATTY- DUES/SUBSCRIPTION, PUBLIC DEF- OTHER EXPENS        263.18

70           TODD, WILLIAM                                                COURTS- DUES                                                                                                  395.00

71           WALMART                                          CH- PURCHASE OF EQUIP, JAIL- DIET & CARE PRISONERS,              675.56


72           WTCI                                                     CH, JAIL, HWY-PHONES                                                                                 1720.82

73           ZINKS BUILDING CENTER              PROB- INCIDENTAL EXPENS                                                                         62.53






1.            CLAY COUNTY HOSPITAL                               PROB- INCIDENTAL EXPENS                                                         17.50

2.            CLAY COUNTY REPUCLICAN                         PROB- INCIDENTAL EXPENS, SHERIFF- SUPPLIES                293.90

3.            COMMUNICATION REVOLVING FUND   JAIL- PHONE                                                                                      498.55

4.            COMPUTYPE                                                      MISC & COMTINGENCIES                                                             75.00

5.            DBS DISPOSAL                                                   JAIL & HWY- UTILITIES                                                                    120.00

6.            EFFINGHAM TELCOM SOLUTIONS            PROB- INCIDENTAL EXPENS, JAIL- PHONE                             252.95

7.            FLORA BATTERY & ALTERNATOR                                PROB- INCIDENTAL EXPENS, SHERIFF AUTO MAINT                150.00

8.            HEAVENS MIST BOTTLED WATER               PROB- INCIDENTAL EXPENS, CH- SUPPLIES                           110.50

9.            INDOFF                                                                S OF A-, ST. ATTY, PROBATION, CIRCUIT CLK                        1325.18


10.          KEIFER LANDSCAPING                                  CH- SUPPLIES                                                                                     275.00

11           LORENZ SUPPLY                                                                CH- SUPPLIES                                                                                     132.32

12           MEAGHER SIGN & GRAPHICS                     SHERIFF- AUTO MAINT                                                                  125.00

13           MEMORIAL LANE FLOWER & GIFTS          CO BRD MEMBERS- PER DIEM/EXPENS                                   53.63

14.          MIKES FOOD MARKET                                    JAIL- DIET & CARE FOR PRISONERS                                           2519.45

15.          PERRY’S SMALL ENGINE                                                CH- SUPPLIES                                                                                     41.90

16.          RAY O’HERRON CO INC                                  JAIL & SHERIFF- UNIFORMS, SUPPLIES                                   516.65


17.          ROBBINS SCHWARTZ NICHOLAS                                MISC & CONTINGENCIES                                                              4437.57

18.          SHIRT TALES                                                       CORONER- SUPPLIES                                                                      50.98

19           SPRINT COMMUNICATION                          JAIL- TELEPHONE                                                                              449.91

20           STONE RIVER PHARMACY SOLUTIONS    SHERIFF- INCIDENTAL EXPENS                                                    300.64

21           WIN                                                                       MISC & CONTINGENCIES                                                              67.00

22           YOUNG’S PIT STOP PLUS                               SHERIFF- AUTO MAINT                                                                  30.00


TOTAL: $11,843.63

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