FOIA Information

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

The County of Clay works to maintain transparent processes and open communications with the community. Clay County has approximately 75 full time employees and 25 part time employees; with FY2014 proposed appropriations budget of $10,113,865. As part of that effort, a variety of information is available on the county’s website as well as in departmental offices. We work to maintain compliance with the newly updated Illinois Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), which outlines how public organziations and their communities should share information.

FOIA Request
Pursuant to the Illinois Freedom of Information Act, photocopies of public records requested under FOIA shall be made available to the person making the request as follows:

1.  The first 50 pages will be produced free of charge.
2.  For each page thereafter, Clay County will charge the person making the request 15 cents per page.

Request for public records must be made in writing.  Requests may also be made via e-mail.  If submitting a paper copy request, please send or deliver to the corresponding FOIA officer(s) and mailing address below:

County Organizational Chart

Sheriff Dept FOIA Information

Sheriff Dept FOIA Request Form

Public Disclosure of Compensation

Notice of Bids

FOIA Officers:

Brenda Britton
Clay County Clerk
111 E. Chestnut, P. O. Box 160
Louisville, IL 62858
Jana Tolliver
Clay County Treasurer
111 E. Chestnut, P. O. Box 88
Louisville, IL 62858
Kindal Eastin
Supervisor of Assessments
111 E. Chestnut, P. O. Box 178
Louisville, IL 62858
Michael R. Quandt
Clay County Engineer
14464 Hwy 45 South
Louisville, IL 62858

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