Hospital Comm Meeting, Aug 4, 2015

Hospital Committee Meeting Agenda – Tuesday, August 4th

● Welcome- Amanda Basso

● Call to Order-Ted Whitehead

● Patient Story ● Approval of Agenda(Action)

● Approval of Minutes(Action)

● Public Comment

● FY2015 Audit Review-Presentation from Kerber, Eck, & Braeckel

● Skype & Learn: Accountability & Trust- Joe Tasse

● Urgent Care Clinic-Amanda Basso and Dr. Doolittle

● Greenhouse Property Discussion(Action)- Amanda Basso

● Clinic and Provider Update- Amanda Basso

● Sav-Mor Lease(Action)- Amanda Basso

● Capital Purchase: Surgery Table(Action)- Tami Bayless

● Quality Report,Questions/Concerns of Committee Members- Tami Bayless

● Safety Report,Questions/Concerns of Committee Members-Tami Bayless

● IT Update,Questions/Concerns of Committee Members-Phil Bute

● Capital Purchase: Computers(Action)- Phil Bute

● Human Resources Update,Questions/Concerns of Committee Members: Chelsea Musgrave

● Compliance Report,Questions/Concerns of Committee Members: Chelsea Musgrave

● Finance: Financial Review & Stats, Approval of Paid & Unpaid(Action)- Mike Hobbs

● Credentials Committee(Action)- Amanda Basso

● New Business- All present



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