Andy Myers Andy Myers, Sheriff
P.O. Box 267
Louisville , IL 62858
(618) 665-3316
Fax: (618) 665-3318

The Clay County Sheriff’s Office has been in operation since 1826 serving the citizens of Clay County. The primary function of the Sheriff and his deputies, as his representatives, is to “keep the peace”. To accomplish this duty the Sheriff’s Office maintains 24 hour patrol, surveillance and dispatch. The Sheriff is also warden of the county jail which serves as detention facility for individuals serving court sentences as well as persons awaiting trial in lieu of bail. The jail staff duties include supervision, feeding and care of inmates plus 24 hour telephone and radio dispatch. The Sheriff is by statute an “Officer of the Court” and in that capacity is responsible for delivery of all court orders, degrees, summons etc. The Sheriff is responsible for courthouse and courtroom security and is general custodian of all county property, not directly under another official. To facilitate these duties the Sheriff employs:

► 1 Chief Deputy
► 8 Patrol Deputies
► 1 Corrections Sgt.
► 5 Jailers
► 1 Courthouse Security Officer
► 5 Part-time Bailiffs

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