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Online payments now available

What We Do:

The County Treasurer has the responsibility to receive, invest and distribute the revenue and public monies of the county. This office also keeps accounts of all monies paid out.  Payments must be specifically authorized by law or by the County Board. It is duty of the County Treasurer to invest and reinvest any funds that are not used within 30 days. The County’s money is invested in banks in Clay County and State of Illinois Treasurer’s Illinois E-Pay Fund Program. Investment objectives are safety of principal liquidity and maximum rate of return. Each month the Treasurer reports to the County Board the amounts of money invested in banks that are listed by account and type of investment.
The County Collector prepares bills and receipts for the purpose of tax collection of real estate and mobile home taxes within the county.

Upon receipt of the tax monies the County Collector proceeds to disburse these funds to the various taxing districts. Tax collection funds are kept in interest bearing accounts. The interest earned on these accounts is disbursed to the various taxing districts proportional to the amount of tax collected for them. The County Collector holds a tax sale at the end of every tax year to sell the tax on every parcel that remains unpaid.

Services Provided:

Some of the specific duties and responsibilities are as follows:

►The County Collector receives and records inheritance tax. She must report and pay inheritance tax collection to the State Treasurer.
►The Treasurer collects and distributes, as required, transfers of monies from the state. These transfers include a part; sales tax, supplemental sales tax, income tax, salary reimbursement, replacement tax, and motor fuel tax.
►The Treasurer also acts as the treasurer for the Emergency Telephone System Board 911.
►The Treasurer assists senior citizens in filing for Real Estate Tax Deferral.
►The Treasurer reviews and grants the tax deferrals to those who meet the requirements. Information pertaining to approval deferrals is then reported to the Illinois Department of Revenue.
►The Treasurer maintains tax records for the year 1964 and makes them available to the public for researching historical tax data.
►The Treasurer also makes available County tax records for use by tax searchers and other concerned parties.

Pay Your Taxes Online With a Credit Card

Welcome to the Clay County Treasurer’s Tax Payment website. I hope the taxpayers for Clay County will find these innovative payment options, convenient and easy to use.

►We will start accepting payments on this system after the tax bills are mailed.
►Payments must be for the exact amount of the bill.
►Payments after due date must include interest of 1½% per month as provided by Illinois State Statues.
►There will be a convenience fee charged for using this system. This fee is NOT charged or collected by this office.

Payment can be made by:

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover

You may make the following payments via E-Pay to the Clay County Treasurer by clicking on the link below:

govpaypng                 GovPayNet_CardLogos_Web_thumbnail


View the Receipts and Disbursements FY-2014 Information

View the Receipts and Disbursements FY-2015 Information

View the Receipts and Disbursements FY-2016 Information

For assistance, please contact us at:
Clay County Treasurer
111 Chestnut
Louisville, IL 62858
(618) 665-3727

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