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Almost 2000 coroner’s medical examiner’s offices provide death investigations services across the U.S. The Clay County Coroner’s Office is medicolegal office mandated by statutes of the State of Illinois to investigate and determine the cause and manner of death.

The Coroner is an elected position serving a four year term. This office is a law enforcement agency which is part of the checks and balances, acting as conservator of the peace and carrying the same powers and obligations as the sheriff. My goal as Coroner has been to provide the citizens of Clay County with timely death investigations in a professional and courteous way while ensuing compassion, dignity and respect for the deceased and surviving family. Continuing certified education is a must for the office to be effective as “we serve those who no longer can serve themselves.”

Clay County Coroner Responsibilities

► Maintain a 24 hour office
► Respond to death scenes
► Operate and maintain the county morgue
► Collect toxicological samples and submit for analysis
► Make death notifications
► Coordinate and facilitate organ/tissue donation
► Determine necessity for autopsy
► Facilitate autopsy process
► Coordinate transport of deceased from death scene
► Conduct death investigations when necessary
► Schedule and conduct inquests
► Issue temporary death certificates
► Issue permanent death certificates
► Issue permits to cremate
► Maintain records of reported deaths
► Maintain vital statistics related to all reported cases
► Take charge of personal property of deceased until release
► Report child deaths along with traffic, boating and work related fatalities to the State of Illinois
► Enlist and support investigative deputies and volunteer deputies
► Enforcement of Grave Rob bery Act
► Upkeep the county’s Emergency Plan
► Upkeep Clay County Homicide Protocol
► A minimum of 24 hour of continuing education annually

Reporting a Death

When any person dies as a result of criminal or other violent means, by casualty, suicide, or suddenly when in apparent good health, or in any suspicious or unusual manner, the person in attendance should immediately notify this office. Facts concerning the time, place, manner, and circumstances of the death with other information is required.

The types of deaths included but not limited to:

► Traffic accident fatalities
► Accidental deaths at home
► Accidental deaths at work (or follows injury )
► Homicides
► Suicides
► Criminal or self-inflicted abortions
► Deaths involving alcoholism
► Deaths at home deaths at place of employment
► Deaths a any public place
► Deaths in a hospital emergency room
► Deaths in a hospital within 24 hours of admission
► Deaths occurring within one year and one month of a hip fracture

Note: Not all of the above deaths will become coroner cases, but should be reported for elimination or further investigation.


No information will be released on any cases until the Inquest is held and or investigation is complete. When a case is closed information will be released upon written requests to this office.


A copy of the transcript of sworn testimony $3.00 per page
A copy of an autopsy report ( if not included in transcripts) $30.00
A copy of the verdict of a coroner’s jury $5.00
A copy of a toxicology report $15.00
A print of a picture obtained by the coroner actual cost or $3.00
whichever is greater
For each copy of miscellaneous reports, including artist’s drawings but not including police reports actual cost or $15.00
whichever is greater
A Coroner’s or Medical Examiner’s permit to cremate a dead body $10.00

The State of Illinois has set the following fees for the Coroner’s Office:Fees for the above items when released for copying are controlled by Public Act 84-337 of the Illinois Revised Statutes as stated above, effective September 14, 1985. Payment must be received in advance. All other Public information released form the Coroner’s Office will be controlled by the Freedom of information Act, Public Act 83-1013 on file in this office.

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