Darin A. Koelm P.E.
Clay Co. Highway Engineer
Clay Co. Highway Dept.
14464 Highway 45 South
Louisville, IL 62858
Phone: (618)-665-3346
Fax: (618)-665-3347
Hours of Operation:
Mon. – Fri.
8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
(see “Holiday Schedule”)

Clay County Highway Department is responsible for the maintenance of 127 miles of designated county highways. In addition to county roads, the Department also assists its twelve townships with maintenance of 695 miles of designated township roads. The Department also provides engineering services and administers Township Motor Fuel Tax Funds and Township Bridge Program Funds for the twelve township road districts in Clay County. Clay County Highway Department is also responsible for inspection, rehabilitation, replacement and maintenance of 29 county bridges and 102 township bridges over 20 feet in length. The Department supervises the design and replacement of 2-4 bridges each year.


Surveyor / Engineering Technician – Craig Clifton PLS

Office Administrator – Lee Ann Stanford

Maintenance Foreman / Engineering Technician – Clayton Parks

Maintainer / Operator – Randy Payne

Maintainer / Operator – Jeff Smith

Maintainer / Operator- Brent  Erwin



Effective April 15, seasonal reduced weight limits have been lifted for all roads included in the county highway system with seasonal weight limit signs.  Thank you all for your cooperation.  Seasonal weight limits protect the roads from damage during the spring freeze thaw cycles.  Heavy loads during this time cause excessive damage.  The purpose of the seasonal weight limits is to balace services while minimizing damage.


Spring is coming soon!! With the arrival of spring comes storms and high water.  Below are some facts and tips for spring driving:

Fast Facts

  • Prolonged flooding from creeks and rivers and flash flooding from rain swollen roads and waterways are dangers that too many people ignore, sometimes with fatal consequences. Many flood-related rescues, injuries and fatalities have been the result of people in vehicles attempting to drive across flooded roads.
  • The most dangerous type of flooding is a flash flood. Flash floods can sweep away everything in their path.
  • Most flash floods are caused by slowmoving thunderstorms and occur most frequently at night.
  • Flooding has been a factor in 49 deaths across Illinois since 1995. This is more than the number of people killed by tornadoes during the same period. Three out of four flood fatalities involved people in vehicles trying to cross flooded roads.

Road conditions can change rapidly during spring precipitation.  Drive carefully and cautiously during the spring flooding season.  Be prepared before a  flood event.  Here are a few winter roadway safety tips:

  • Drive carefully and cautiously during heavy rains.  Water across the road can be difficult to see.
  • If the road is flooded in you path, TURN AROUND!
  • Make sure your cell phone is charged and working.
  • Plan an alternate route to avoid areas that flood frequently
  • Know where you are at all times.  If you have an emergency, make sure you can describe your location to emergency personnel.
  • For more information visit or NWS


  • Bible Grove – Cory Wendling
  • Blair – Ronald Kincaid
  • Clay City – Kevin R. Henry
  • Harter – James Tackitt
  • Hoosier – Terry Hildebrand
  • Larkinsburg – Eric L. Bailey
  • Louisville – Matt Byers
  • Oskaloosa – Steve McKnelly
  • Pixley – David Rauch
  • Songer – Darrell Allen
  • Stanford – Tom R. Leak
  • Xenia – Mike Burdine

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